Z80 Runner is a rapid prototyping tool to cross-develop, test, debug and profile assembly routines before using them in production code.

  • source level debugging (stepping, running, breakpoint-support)
  • cycle and code size counting
  • profiling (counting total and delta cycles between steps / breakpoints)
  • immediate assembly-instruction execution (supports symbols from current asm source)
  • supports automatic re-assembling and re-initializing memory after code changes (reloading data files to specified locations)
  • with documentation / manual ;-)


  • - Windows XP and higher
  • - Linux (via Wine)
  • - Z88DK assembler
  • - Visual C++ 2010 runtimes

(see manual for details and how to acquire these)

The full package is freeware (see included documentation for terms and conditions).
All code and documentation is (C) 2019 by MI-CHI
Components used: Z80-Assembler is part of the z88dk kit (The Clarified Artistic License), CPU simulator is (C) by Andre Weissflog (zlib/libpng license)

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I want to try It now! Am I just sleeping lately?