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por MSX Resource Center en 17-12-2011, 10:59

ViewMSX is an MSX graphics viewer for the Win32 platform. ViewMSX can view many MSX2 and 2+ graphics formats, some compressed formats, G9B files and even some video formats. ViewMSX can also view newer graphics files such as those used by VSCREEN or SymbOS.

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Por sd_snatcher

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18-10-2013, 23:36

Feature requests for all versions (Windows,Linux & Mac):

1) If a palette isn't present inside the file, show screen-2 images using the TMS9918 palette instead of the MSX2 BIOS palette.

2) If a palette is present inside the SC2 file (BSAVE puts it at 1B87h), use the embedded palette instead.

Por mars2000you

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18-10-2013, 23:50

Not "instead", but "extra", in other words, the user should be allowed to select an option :
- TMS9918 palette
- default MSX2 palette
- specific MSX2 palette (when present)

Por sd_snatcher

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26-10-2013, 06:31

Another bug report:

The screen-8 palette also seems to be a bit incorrect. All images appear to be too yellow when compared to the real MSX and openMSX.