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MSX in a row!

por Pac en 20-12-2019, 14:17

An MSX themed-oriented game where you have to combine the pieces to find out what the different puzzles are hiding.


por MSX Resource Center en 17-12-2011, 10:59

An MSX version of this addictive boardgame

Paint it!

por PlainSpooky en 05-04-2020, 20:19

It is a MSX version of the flood-it game. In this game you have to "paint" a 16×16 blocks wall in one color. Use the following keys to choose a color:

  • B for Blue
  • C for Cyan
  • G for Green
  • M for Magenta
  • R for Red
  • Y for Yellow


por Under4Mhz en 02-02-2021, 01:20

Play the classic peg solitaire game now on your MSX Computer. Jump the pegs over each other in order to remove pegs until only one peg remains. Press the right button to cancel the current move or to restart the game. Hold both buttons down to end the game and return to the tile.


por MSX Resource Center en 17-12-2011, 10:59

Soko ban like game with SCC music. It also has a classic Soko ban.

Puzzle Invisible rev.II

por ghost_jp en 01-01-2017, 06:18

I respectfully say a new years greeting to all MSXers at the beginning of 2017.
Anyway, let me show you my latest work.

* System requirement
This game is for MSX1 with 64KB RAM.
However, MSX2 or later is recommended for mouse support.
Play with keyboard (using cursor, space and shift key), or mouse on port 1.

* How to start

An ever growing snake aims to collect all the items in a field, without touching the walls, or even itself. Assembly source code included.


por MSX Resource Center en 17-12-2011, 10:59

Risk is an implementation of the well-known multi-player board game Risk. It includes allied nations and attempts to remain faithful to the basic rules of Risk. The game is controlled using a nice windowed menu system that provides save/load functionality. Players can choose their names and define their colors using an innovative (for its time) color picker.

Simon says

por MSX Resource Center en 17-12-2011, 10:59

Simon is an implementation of the classic Simon says memory game, using four lights. The game consists of five phases, each of which requires a sequence of twenty colors to be correctly played back. Each phase is faster than the previous one.

This download contains a very simple No Fuss Level Editor (only 60 lines of MSX-BASIC code). See below a short manual of the level editor. This was the original editor that ANMA used to create the 60 levels of No Fuss.

How to edit/create No Fuss levels


On top of the screen : all the blocks (8x8 pixel each) to be used.

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