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Arno Dash

by Under4Mhz on 24-02-2021, 07:30

Arno Dash

There are 16 caves, each consisting of several scrolling screens. Each cave has 5 Difficulty levels. To select a different cave, move left or right when you are in the menu screen.

How To Play
In each cave you will find different obstacles (boulders, walls, etc.) and possibly enemy creatures you will need to avoid or trap while collecting or creating diamonds.


CharSetter v1.0

by epolesi on 16-06-2020, 16:14

A charset (character set) changer utility for the MSX System.

This program changes the original character set of a MSX manchine. It is meant to run in ROM, through a cartridge. It was developed using the C language and Z-80 Assembly.

Game Runner v1.6

by gdx on 21-03-2019, 14:50

MSX1 ROM Loader for MSX-DOS2 by Seo Young-Man with documentation translated in English and French.

LOADROM v 1.97

by Victor on 19-12-2015, 10:17

LOADROM v 1.97

Changelog from v 1.80:

  • Ver 1.82: EI mode autodetected
  • Ver 1.93: Detect SCC in expanded SLOT, detect Panasonic 2+ Turbo Z80
  • Ver 1.94: Auto detect MROM Type Mapper
  • Ver 1.95: EI mode autodetect in ASCII 16k MROM Type Mapper
  • Ver 1.96: 15-20% faster with KONAMI MROMs, 10-30% less use of memory
  • Ver 1.97: 10% faster with KONAMI MROMs

mglOCM - Megarom Loader for 1Chip MSX - v0.96 Update
by ToughkidCST 2013 09-20

Rom Loader for 1Chip MSX - mglOCM v0.96 released.

What's New

0.96 :

- fixes for some 16KB mirrored rom compatibility issue
- stability improvement for basic rom game

and I've made some miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements.

mglOCM - Megarom Loader for 1Chip MSX - v1.01
by ToughkidCST 2013 12-26

Rom Loader for 1Chip MSX - mglOCM v1.01 released.

What's New

1.01 :

- Many Konami SCC-I(SCC+)rom games support.
This means mglOcm can be used with OCM's SCC+ Sound Controller
for the music uses Konami SCC+ Sound Cartridge.

mglOCM is a MSX ROM loader for the "KDL firmware's OneChip MSX" that allows you to run msx rom cartridge images (like Konami-SCC, ASCII-8 and ASCII-16, 8, 16, 32k, linear rom files) on your device without setting any DIP switches or mapper patches.


  • Fixes for Rom Cartridge mappers auto detection module issues.

mglOcm v0.92

by moonsuncst on 19-08-2013, 00:32

mglOCM - Megarom Loader for 1Chip MSX - v0.92
by ToughkidCST 2013 08-18

Rom Loader for 1Chip MSX - mglOCM v0.92 released.


This is the loader application that support to excute megarom cartridge images
like Konami-SCC, Ascii-8 and Ascii-16 all mappers for 1Chip-MSX(OCM)

mglOcm is only for 1chip-MSX compatible loader which loads MSX-Rom image file

multi menu for flashrom cartridges

by Fish on 14-06-2020, 15:34

I have a SCC flash rom cartridge lying around for quite some time, which was made from a broken King’s Valley 2 cartridge by Roadfighter.
I wanted to have more than one game on it, and it should be possible to use it on a MSX1. I found an excellent menu on the forums made by GDX and decided to enhance it a bit with some SCC background music. (Only to be heard when using a MSX2 or higher)

Before the MSX standard was established Spectravideo made a few computer models (SVI-318 and SVI-328) that were used as a base for the MSX standard. They practically had all same components that MSX had, but they were connected to each other in a different way.

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