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Dead Of The Brain English patch by Manuel Pazos. The IPS patch contains:

  • Most of the texts belong to the PC-98 English translation.
  • Some game bug fixes.
  • New bigger text area (3 lines x 32 characters) with a new font.

Dead Of The Brain Spanish patch by Theo Wilderbeek.

  • Most of the texts belong to the PC-98 English translation.

Moon light Saga English translation patches developed by Manuel Pazos and Takamichi.

Moon light Saga Spanish translation patches developed by Manuel Pazos.

A set of patched files that make the openMSX OSD available in Spanish language.
This also enhances usability of openMSX internal OSD adding useful key bindings and other enhancements.
Current version is beta 13 that is fully compatible with openMSX 17 (16 also supported as separate download)

Latest version available at:

Sanatorium Of Romance - Spanish translation revision by Theo Wilderbeek. The IPS patch includes:

  • New and more legible font.
  • More text.
  • Translation revision.

The Fantasm Soldier Valis II English patch by Manuel Pazos and Theo Wilderbeek. The IPS patch contains:

  • Texts based on the X68000 English translation by MIJET.
  • The game has been modified in order to store longer texts in memory and display a bigger text area.
  • Fixed a bug where the name of the last 3 bosses was incorrect displaying the name of the first boss.

The Stone of Wisdom translation

by gdx on 12-07-2021, 10:40

Translation patch for Kenja no Ishi - The Stone of Wisdom (ROM).

The checksum crc32 of the original ROM is 8c7a7435 and the patched ROM is F728C9DE. The ROM with checksum 0d226d2e is also usable.

This patch fixes also the PSG I/O ports.


by MSX Resource Center on 17-12-2011, 10:59

This tool patches disk images with the contents of a .TRD file depending on the number of disks the patch file contains. PC required.

This patch set allows you to significantly speed up the display of Super Rambo Special (Pack-in-video).
I released these patches in 2013 but now I added the patches for the MA-20 (MSX2 upgrade cartridge from NEOS).

The zip contains also the manual translated in English, French and Spanish (by Konamito).

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