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Convert FAC Soundtracker .MUS files to .KSS files

sec0_144 is a program to write a standard MSX boot sector to 1.44MB disks, making them bootable with a "LS-120 SuperDisk" drive on a IDE Interface. Use 1.44MB disks formatted in standard IBM format.

This tool converts 720 KB disk images to 360 KB disk images. PC required.

ANIMECHA Ver. 2.00

by Takamichi on 24-11-2019, 14:56

Graphics/animation editor by Mar'z Project/Tempest. Was declared freeware and available from official website.

ANMA's Frantic - sources

by stompetower on 08-04-2019, 20:33

What's inside the zip-file:

- MSX virtual disks (.dsk) with:
- Frantic source code.
- Frantic graphics.
- Frantic stages / jobs.
- FReditor (to create/edit job files).
- source code of ANMA's tracker RED.
- other code, like standard routines, sound effects.
- Info related to music, replayer, sound effects.
- Info about how to Build the original Frantic files.

ARC - Map

by mars2000you on 04-04-2018, 22:07

Map for ARC created by mars2000you.

AshGuine - Map

by mars2000you on 02-01-2016, 21:43

Map for AshGuine created by mars2000you.

AshGuine Story II - Maps

by mars2000you on 02-01-2016, 21:44

Maps forAshGuine Story II created by mars2000you.

Baruko - Map

by mars2000you on 02-01-2016, 21:45

Map for Baruko created by mars2000you.

Bigger Memory Mapper Selector

by gdx on 11-01-2019, 12:36

BMMS is a program that selects the largest RAM expansion with Memory Mapper as Main-RAM.

So BMMS is more efficient than the usual "universal POKE"*. It allows to run software that do not take account secondary slots or using without asking question the Memory Mapper in main RAM.

BMMS sets the segments in order 3, 2, 1, 0 for MSX1s.

(*) POKE-1,(15-PEEK(-1)\16)*17

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