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The Konami Game Collection ROMs, created from the original Konami disk versions, allow you to enjoy Konami's classic games with improved SCC or SCC+ musics without booting from disks and without Japanese-only menus.

Mad Mix Game joystick/PSG patch

by mcolom on 06-08-2022, 19:39

This patch fixes a problem in the configuration of the joystick port, which prevents using a controller. It also avoids writing invalid values to the PSG. To be used with the already patched version by Manuel Pazos et al. (shasum 97c2dd36878336cda8c29682f61811c1c72ec2b0).

Patches that allow to play to Metal Gear 2 on MSX with the 8 buttons of a SNES controller using JoySNES adapter.

Patches that allow to play to Metal Gear on MSX with the 8 buttons of a SNES controller using JoySNES adapter.

MonMon Monster speed up patch

by gdx on 24-07-2021, 11:23

Patch for the MonMon Kaibutsu (The MonMon Monster) to speed up the display.

The crc32 of the original ROM is EBCCB796.
The crc32 of the result ROM must be 0F1607D0.

Mouser Joystick Patch

by gdx on 22-04-2018, 09:03

Joysticks was supported in game but not in selection menu. It is especially inconvenient when using a wireless controller. That's why I made these patches that that allows to start a game with joystick.

Usage is as shown below.

Press button 1 of joystick 1 to one player game.
Press button 1 of joystick 2 to two players game.

When the patch is applied, [Select] Key allows you to display the menu in game.
If you hit [Select] key twice time it switches the character directly.

You can also use a JoySNES or Mega-2-MSX adapter instead of an FM-Town

Patch to fix graphics corruption on MSX1.

Patch Rom size for Dig Dug

by gdx on 09-09-2017, 11:03

Dig Dug (Namco) is a false Rom of 32kB. This patch allows to make a Rom in real size (16kB).

Patches for Forbidden Fruit

by gdx on 07-05-2018, 16:52

These patches add Keyboard support, modify the gameplay with joystick and fix PSG I/O ports. In addition, depending on the patch you can change the file format.

When the patch is applied you can play with keyboard (cursor key and space key).
You can still play with a joystick but now using both buttons.

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