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3D Tennis (ASCII) font patch

by gdx on 26-08-2017, 01:08

This patch allows to play 3D Tennis (ASCII) with Japanese font on any MSX.

Activision GameCase compilation fix

by gdx on 16-07-2021, 10:53

This patch is for the Activision GameCase compilation to fix Master of The Lamps.

The crc32 of the original ROM is F19847BE.
The crc32 of the result ROM must be E16E9781.

Adven' Chuta! (J) Patch

by gdx on 22-06-2018, 10:18

This is a patch to fix PSG I/O ports and get Japanese characters on any MSX.

Adventure Kid extractor

by gdx on 16-07-2021, 10:55

This is a patch to extract Adventure Kid from the 4 Pak All Action ROM and to adapt this game for MSX computers.

The crc32 of the original ROM is A67F2A5C. (1024kB)
The crc32 of the result ROM must be DDF0E6DF. (128kB)

4 Pak All Action is a cartridge for the Sega Master System console. It can be found on SMS Power forums.

Patches that allow to play to Akumajou Dracula (Vampire Killer) on MSX with the 8 buttons of a SNES controller using JoySNES adapter.

Arkanoid speed patch

by mcolom on 14-11-2020, 15:27

This patch allows the ball to stay longer at the speed before the maximum.
The maximum speed is crazy!

Athletic Land Joystick Patch

by gdx on 13-04-2018, 01:46

Joystick was supported in game but not in selection menu. It is especially inconvenient when using a wireless controller. That's why I made these patches that that allows to start a game with joystick.

Usage is as shown below.

Press button 1 of joystick 1 to one player game.
Press button 1 of joystick 2 to two players game.

Bubble Bobble improvement patches

by gdx on 02-03-2018, 10:24

A patch for the game Bubble Bobble.
These patches improve following points:
- Fixed dragon sprite that goes left (Thanks to KdL)
- The game is a little faster
- Added turbo mode support for Panasonic's Turbo R and MSX2+
- Make a version for MSX2 upgrade cartridge

Coliseum joystick/PSG patch

by mcolom on 24-07-2022, 15:37

Patch for the Topo Soft's game Coliseum.
; Original: COLISEUM.CAS, shasum: d351e9ee596f9a0a5f03ca12346c8d91a96f7b6d
The original code of the game doesn't set correctly the direction of the Joystick pins, thus being impossible to play with a controller. Also, it sets invalid PSG values. This patch fixes these problems.


by MSX Resource Center on 17-12-2011, 10:59

Adapts any version of MSX-DOS 2.xx to support FAT16 partitions.

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