Moonblaster 1.4

by Jorito on 03-06-2012, 16:30

Moonblaster 1.4 is a music tracker for MSX2 or higher that supports the MSX-MUSIC and MSX-AUDIO chips. They can be combined to create a stereo effect. Moonblaster was used in a lot of games, demos and music disks made by the MSX scene.

The download includes the program disk, the sources, Dutch manuals and an explanation of the keyboard shortcuts in English.

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22-07-2018, 03:05

You may also want to try this a bit modified "Project hmm"-version... It fixes few minor issues and tR owners can enter notes also with voice input. (Say "hmm" & press space Smile )

Demonstration video:

By FiXato

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23-07-2018, 03:23

Could the microphone in a Music Module be used for this too?

By Wolverine_nl

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23-07-2018, 11:04

awesome work NYRIKKI Big smile


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23-07-2018, 16:35

FiXato wrote:

Could the microphone in a Music Module be used for this too?

Yes, Music Module microphone can be used as well, but it does not work quite that well due to limited sample rate... Feel free to try how ever.

By Manel46

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24-07-2018, 16:20

Just a note. The comment in the download link says that the driver is for msx2.
I adapted the fonts to use in a rom, and eliminated the use of mapped ram, therefore it serves in a msx1. I put the music buffer in the ram on page 3, above the variables.