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A simple yet effective PT3 player for MSX-DOS by Nyyrikki

PT3 Tools

by MSX Resource Center on 17-12-2011, 10:59

A complete package of tools to fit all your PT3 needs. An Assembly routine, an MSX-DOS replayer and a BASIC replayer to play PT2 and PT3 files on MSX, including documentation and a small example.

Robo AY player

by ToriHino on 06-08-2013, 20:30

After RoboAMAD (Amadeus player) and RoboMidi a new MSX project from Robosoft: RoboAY

This program plays .AY files ripped from ZX-Spectrum and Amstrad CPC. The file format looks a bit like the KSS files which are ripped from MSX (it contains the song data as well as the player routines) and was originally introduced for DeliPlayer on the Amiga. .

IMF, DRO and RAW player for MSX.
See this newspost for information

Upload history:
20180214 version 1.1
20171102 version 1.0

RoboPlay is a multiformat music replayer for the MSX platform for the OPL3/4 soundchip and runs under MSX-DOS2.
It is written in C using SDCC and the FUSION-C library and consists of a main framework application and separate plug-in players per type of supported file format.

ROBOPLAY [player.PLY] song.EXT


by ToriHino on 01-06-2014, 19:23

Commodore 64 SID player for MSX.

SCC PCM player demo for BASIC

by ARTRAG on 01-04-2016, 21:10

A little demo to add PCM audio to MSX BASIC and Turbo BASIC programs. Insert this rom in slot 1 on a NTSC machine (the vdp has to go at 60Hz or the audio will be distorted) and an SCC rom in slot 2. If the SCC is not detected you will see an error message.

Use USR0(n) with n=0..11 to recall the SFX (all the code is on ISR).

SMID 1.00

by MSX Resource Center on 17-12-2011, 10:59

Play MIDI files on your turboR

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