Level 9 from the game Manbow 2, with music for SCC and PSG. Slightly mixed/mastered and extra drumsamples have been added here and there.

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By ren

Paragon (1934)

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22-01-2016, 17:36

I think this is a rather cool/solid piece of work.. Cool how 'modern' electronica/Prodigy/breakbeat like elements are blended in the otherwise 'classic' emotional 'story-telling' (game) tune..

I never played Manbow 2, but it seems lot of tunes from the game are inspired by, or take elements from other (Konami) tunes. This one does seem pretty original?

While I'm at it: when looking at the game credits, I was surprised to see a lot of names mentioned, but not norakomi himself? I thought Manbow 2 was (mostly) his work/production?

Are all the Manbow 2 tunes done by norakomi himself?

By Daemos

Prophet (2060)

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22-01-2016, 18:51

Yes he did all the tunes himself.

By syn

Prophet (2123)

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22-01-2016, 22:47

He is a rather proficient musician.

I seem to have missed this tune (only listened to some music and watched some youtube here and there).. very nice..