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Game music arrangement from Arranger Platinum

Rearrange of Aleste.

Game music arrangement from Arranger Gold

Game music remix by C-Inspect

New arrangement by Meits, made with Moonblaster MIDI controlling his JV1080 and Korg X5D.

Aleste 2 - Flying High (Jorito)

by Jorito on 31-08-2014, 17:34

A remix of the area 1 song from the Aleste 2 by Jorito. It includes ethereal voices, vocals, a solid dance beat and a sound style that's reminiscent of Italo.


Flying High
Through the sky

Fighting for freedom
Victory for Aleste

Flying High
Heroes of the sky
Raise your battle cry
Aleste will survive

Flying High
Through the sky

Aleste Gaiden - Stage 5 (Meits)

by meits on 05-09-2013, 22:21

The heaviest track of Aleste Gaiden got some power. Mind you, the original is composed on more channels than this version. This is just a distortion guitar, a bass guitar and some drums.

Quizmas 2020 - Day 22 and 23

Can you figure out from which games these sounds are from?
Arnold would like to have some fun with you! Big smile

You're allowed 2 hints. You can request them in the Xmas thread here on the forum. The links to the additional soundbites will be published the next day.

Cue sheet

Mostly started as a fun experiment with synthesizers, this is a quick cover of the Bombaman MSX game menu music.

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