multi menu for flashrom cartridges

by Fish on 14-06-2020, 15:34

I have a SCC flash rom cartridge lying around for quite some time, which was made from a broken King’s Valley 2 cartridge by Roadfighter.
I wanted to have more than one game on it, and it should be possible to use it on a MSX1. I found an excellent menu on the forums made by GDX and decided to enhance it a bit with some SCC background music. (Only to be heard when using a MSX2 or higher)
The end result is a nice 512kb rom file. I have included some games I have made and 2 new games. Geezer is an example game which is included in the AGD software. I have enhanced it a bit with some nice PSG music. Night Stalker is a ZX spectrum game which was easily converted with the AGD suite.
In the credits section I have mentioned which tools I have used to make this rom file.
You can flash the ROM file with FL.exe to a SCC flash rom cartridge. It is also possible to use it on a Megaflashrom SCC, but please use the parameters /k5 /u for it to work.

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By itozzz

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07-01-2023, 14:43

I don't understand how this 2020 post hasn't had any comments, I think it's great and I'd like to make a custom rom, unfortunately I don't understand or know where to get the necessary tools or instructions, even so it seems like a great program