Moon Light Saga

by Takamichi on 24-10-2019, 14:04

Ealia the original developer has agreed on the free download of this game. Includes an English/Japanese quick guide by me.

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By Takamichi

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24-10-2019, 14:19

Ealia wants to see your reviews so I would be appreciated if you post one Big smile

By Grauw

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24-10-2019, 20:56

Really awesome to share this game with everybody! I bought this in 1996 but I was never able to play back then because I didn’t have a turboR and neither did I understand Japanese. So I could only admire the pictures of the game in the reviews.

But now I do have a turboR, and although my Japanese still isn’t good enough Wink, I need to finally give it a shot!

By Manuel

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24-10-2019, 22:23

Fantastic! This is one of my most anticipated games from back in the days for an English translation. I played the demo several times after I got my turboR and really enjoyed the polish of it all.

I do hope the game will receive an implementation of that English translation some day.

By fernando.collazo.5682

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25-10-2019, 03:17

Many thanks to Ealia...

By hamlet

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25-10-2019, 20:47

425 downloads in just one day! Congrats!

By darknior

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27-10-2019, 17:29

Thanks a lot for this share, i never dream of it Smile
I wish too, and english translation will come Wink