Role Playing Games (RPG)


by Jorito on 02-08-2014, 22:54

Cipher is an RPG for MSX-2 created with the 1992 RPG construction tool Dante-2 by MSX-Magazine/Ascii corporation. Unfortunately it's not finished but you can walk around in quite a few areas with save games from the supplied user disk.

Izumic Ballade

by Jorito on 14-06-2012, 19:37

RPG made by M-Kai in 1996.

Moon Light Saga

by Takamichi on 24-10-2019, 14:04

Ealia the original developer has agreed on the free download of this game. Includes an English/Japanese quick guide.
20201109;ro;added scans of the manual

Slime Slayer

by fukenko on 05-02-2012, 02:36

Slime Slayer is a JRPG made in BASIC for MSX1 and higher, distributed in cassette format. In the game you are an explorer searching for your lost luggage that ends up in the town of Rattatta, which is haunted by monsters. 

"SLIME SLAYER", the JRPG by PSYZANS(Fukenko & Hisanobu Arai), 1988, 2012.
「SLIME SLAYER」 PSYZANS(本名荒井とその兄)制作のRPG。1988年作。