G9klib v0.7

by msd on 30-01-2013, 20:54

The GFX9000 library provides a basic sets of routines that are very useful to develop your own GFX9000 programs. It also supports the new g9b graphics format for GFX9000.

Package contents:

  • G9klib v0.7 (G9k library including sample project)
  • V9BMP v1.1 (BMP & tim viewer for gfx9000. Also can make non compressed g9b files.)
  • g9bview v0.6 (viewer for g9b files, including source files)
  • ViewMSX v0.006 (PC viewer for g9b files and many other msx formats)
  • G9b example files
  • Bmp2g9b v0.6 (Bmp to g9b converter)
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