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Changes to

by Bart on 27-05-2001, 14:34
Topic: MRC

Hi All,

We did some minor updates today. First it is no longer necessary to login before you may post news.

Generation MSX website back online!

by Bart on 26-05-2001, 11:55
Topic: Websites

hi all!

The new version of the generation MSX website is back online. With more options than ever before it is surely a site you have to check out. News, covers, company background info and many more things are waiting to be discovered by you!

Check it out:

MSX info site makeover

by Sander on 26-05-2001, 11:33
Topic: Websites


The MSX Info site, from the Dutch MSX Info magazine has it's own domain now.There are more texts in English now, and there are some interesting links to background information on Kay Nishi. Go to to read more! (And remember, a subscription on the Dutch MSX Info magazine will cost you only NLG 15 for one year!)

New forum online!

by Bart on 24-05-2001, 00:39
Topic: MRC

The MSX Resource Center has opened its new forum! The forum has many cool features and is extremely easy to use, be sure to check it out!Once you'd like to participate in a discussion, just create an account and fill in your username and password at your profile. Check the auto login checkbox and you don't need to login everytime you come back Smile

Lots of fun with the new forum!

The spanish "Arroba" internet magazinetalks this month in a good article about the present, past and future of the MSX system. The Arroba URL is

PD: My page Xenon Soft. has been updated today.

New NestorMan version released

by Bart on 11-05-2001, 18:12
Topic: Development

Nestor said the following:

Yes! As I promised here is a new version of NestorMan, the resident dynamic memory manager. This version includes a full double chained lists management system and corrects some bugs of version 1.0. Please take a small look at it before saying "it is unuseful", ok?

MSX on Hotline

by msxgamesbox on 09-05-2001, 19:26
Topic: Websites

The MSX Games Box on Hotline

The MSX Games Box Hotline server has now over MSX 1,700 files available for download including some 230 demos, 620 Disk Magazines and 300 games!

Some people, which were on the Tilburg fair, last month, were very interested in the new MSX Web; MSX World .I’ve handed out some adverts, which confirm that the url should be Due technical problems, this domain name cannot yet be registred.

Uzix 0.1.8

by snout on 08-05-2001, 08:46
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

After a long time without public releases, there is a new version.Many bugfixes and improvements were made, but I would like to enumerate just three (the complete list can be found at UZIX webpage):

  • Harddisk support;
  • UZLO bootloader;
  • Instalation program;

Yes, now you can install UZIX on your harddisk, you can use UZIX in your harddisk, and you can select wh

MAGIC MWM Replayer 1.2

by msd on 06-05-2001, 23:36
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

MAGIC MWM Replayer 1.2 is released. New features are: Mouse control and User definable for more info

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