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Hi,Bas Kornalijnslijper informed me that new photos of their MSX auction day are online. Also, their latest information magazine is available for download (Dutch only).

Please visit their website at:

Report of the visit to Club MESXES

by Sander on 23-10-2001, 18:01
Topic: MRC

During my stay at Mallorca I also had a diner and meeting with some guys from MSX Club MESXES: Saver, his girlfriend Chiho, Mazinger Z, Ramoni and Marcelino. On Friday night we ate in a traditional local restaurant. I and my brother who was with me had a local specialty: snails. The food was strange but good, just like my new friends.

Paragon Productions made their product 'Tara' open source and available to the public. Tara is a clone of Dome for the GFX9000 and is a start into creating games like Command and Conquer and/or Dune II. The source code and a short description can be found at the homepage of Tara.

Bombaman HQ officially online!

by anonymous on 17-10-2001, 22:29
Topic: Websites

After a long time of no news, finally the Bombaman HQ is online! This is THE place for all your Bombaman needs. Here you'll find some detailed information about the game, read progress reports, and download goodies!

FreeMSX for the Macintosh has been updated to v.1.1 under the new name 'FreeM' : it now provides full support for MacOS 9, improved FM sound (to EMU2413) and has also been translated into English.FreeM and other MSX emulators for the Macintosh can be found on

Magic 1.51 - MWM replayer

by msd on 15-10-2001, 09:40
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Magic MWM replayer is the first MWM Replayer for the GFX9000. Magic allows you to continue most of your "normal" MSX applications and also some games while playing a song. Magic runs completly on the interrupt of the OPL4. The latest version of Magic is version 1.51.

More MSX music

by snout on 15-10-2001, 00:38
Topic: Music

Kuniji Ikeda informed us that a new version of the MGS Driver is available. (version 3.20). New in this version is support for the 5 MHz-mode of Panasonic FS-A1WX/WSX MSX 2+ computers. You can find the driver and more information here

NezPlug: play MSX songs using WinAmp.

by Bart on 14-10-2001, 22:36
Topic: Music

Nez is a plugin for WinAmp which emulates various soundchips among which the SCC, FM PAC and PSG. With this in mind created a website called KSS Kingdom.KSS is the file format which Nez can read and understand.

MSXPLAYer emulator

by Bart on 14-10-2001, 22:21
Topic: MSX Revival

During the downtime of we offered MSXPLAYer beta for download to the public (and we were the first to do so, btw). But after some correspondence with ASCII we decided to take it offline. ASCII does not want the beta available to just everyone, MSXer or not.

Finally back online: the explanation.

by Bart on 14-10-2001, 22:15
Topic: MRC

Allright everyone. We're back finally! First we'd like to thank everyone who was willing to offer hosting or help with hosting. We're very grateful!

What happened? Well, a lot! First we overloaded the server because of the MSXPLAYer news.

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