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CVML Meeting in Brussels

by Sander on 02-07-2002, 11:01
Topic: Events

Source: Your reporter

Last friday evening at 11.45 pm I drove off to Roosendaal near the Belgium border to catch a hotel.The next day I met Lino Lampers (big Dutch computer collector) and we drove off to Machelen near Brussels for the Computer Collector Mailinglist Meeting. Dimitri Kokken organized this meeting at his indoor Kart place called First Kart Inn.

MSX Radio updated

by anonymous on 29-06-2002, 22:43
Topic: Websites

After a period of silence, another update of MSX Radio is here. I've uploaded some songs by PieturP, Soundwave, myself and a few others. Some old songs had to go.. and a few irritating ones

Check it out: MSX Radio

Problems with reaching solved

by Sander on 28-06-2002, 14:14
Topic: MRC

Due to dns server problems, some users viewed a wicked version of site, is our internal development server were we test and develop future versions of this site. Most of the time, those test versions and functionality never see the daylight.


by snout on 28-06-2002, 00:51
Topic: Software

Source: MSX files

Slotman of MSX files has been working on a new MSX game called Breakfree. The game is based on a Gameboy Advance demo.

MSXPLAYer - more details

by snout on 25-06-2002, 13:07
Topic: MSX Revival

Source: Ikeda's MSX Print

The MSX Revival seems to be running very smoothly at the moment since we receive more and more information about it. As we all know, Microsoft still has the copyrights of the MSX BIOS.

Rare MSX Software for download

by snout on 25-06-2002, 11:29
Topic: Software

While browsing the web I found this site containing a large collection of small addictive freeware MSX games. Most of the games are based on popular retrogames like Lemmings, LodeRunner, Pacman, Hero etc.

ParaMSX 0.41

by BiFi on 24-06-2002, 18:51
Topic: Emulation

A new version of paraMSX has been released. List of features and fixes:

  • Replaced Some Code to fMSX 2.6
  • Rewrote Main GUI. (MFC based)
  • Fixed SCC sampling bug.
  • Fixed Minor Bugs.
  • Added Window Mode.

fMSXSO 1.21

by snout on 24-06-2002, 18:38
Topic: Emulation

A few bugfixes in this week's fMSXSO update

  • Changed the config menu (music settings are easier this way)
  • Improved sound emulation using OPL3
  • Improved PSG/SCC emulation using PCM

Relevant link

MSX PLAYer benchmarks

by snout on 24-06-2002, 11:43
Topic: MSX Revival

Users of the Syntax version of MSXPLAYer tested the boot time of this emulator and compared them to the real MSX.

MSXPLAYer news

by anonymous on 23-06-2002, 14:26
Topic: MSX Revival

See the following link for MSXPLAYer news : It's in Spanish.

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