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We reported earlier that the Japanese mobile phones which are operating through the J-Sky network can play Java games from Konami and much more other Japanese game companies for a small one time fee or monthly fee.In the meantime those Java powered phones have evolved to the second level, currently with the release of Sharp`s J-SH51 wich features a faster Java engine, can execute downloaded code u

C-BIOS 0.05

by snout on 26-08-2002, 20:28
Topic: Emulation

Source: Boukichi

Boukichi released a new version of C-BIOS, the rewritten BIOS compatible with the original MSX BIOS.New BIOS-CALLS implemented are: INITGRP (only for Screen 2), CHGMOD and H.STKE. Also the memory recognition system has been rewritten, some bugs were fixed and a sound-test was added!Boukichi is still looking for a new name of this BIOS. Mail him if you have a nice suggestions.

PSG replacement in FPGA

by snout on 26-08-2002, 11:57
Topic: MSX Revival

Source: MSX Mailinglist

Marco Antonia Simon Dal Poz has succeeded in making a PSG replacement in FPGA. To test this, he disconnected the PSG chip from an MSX and connected the FPGA to it. And it all worked like a charm.One of the benefits of this FPGA chip is that it does not depend on a 4MHz clock.

Snatcher Portuguese 0.7.0

by snout on 26-08-2002, 11:51
Topic: Translations

Source: MSX Mailinglist

The Snatcher translation project is very close to completion. Daniel Caetano released a new version, in which all texts are translated to portuguese.Currently, Daniel is fixing some linebreak trouble whilst optimizing the game as well.

Padial Bi-directional LPT-port

by snout on 26-08-2002, 11:40
Topic: Hardware

Source: MSX Mailinglist

Leonardo Padial created a bi-directional parallel printer port for MSX, to be used on an extension card.

Pharaohs` Curse released

by Sander on 25-08-2002, 16:21
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Remakes

Source: The Adrenaline Vault

One of our users pointed us out to a remake of the classic MSX Game Kingsvalley (II) back in March. I was just visiting the Adrenaline Vault and noticed that there is a demo of the final release that you can download. The main difference with the full version that you can buy for $19 at Dexterity Software is that it lacks the level editor.

Another milestone has been reached; we just got past 250,000 unique visitors. Not bad for a site about a 20 year old homecomputer system, huh? Wink Our statistics also show that it took 4 years to get 200,000 visitors, but the last 50,000 came this year already! Wow!

Meridian 2.2 sources online

by snout on 23-08-2002, 23:46
Topic: Development

Source: MSX Mailinglist

Because of high demand, Michiel de Vries decided to put the sources of the current version of Meridian online.Meridian is a delta-steptime based MIDI editor/player that can handle Standard MIDI files (MID) as well as Fac Soundtracker, Moonblaster Stereo and Moonblaster Wave files.

Snatcher Portuguese 0.60

by snout on 23-08-2002, 23:42
Topic: Translations

Source: MSX Mailinglist

Translating this wonderful Hideo Kojima game to Portuguese is almost finished. Hopefully, an English version will be created afterwards. The current version is playable until the end of the game, although there are still some small things missing.

MSX Pad 1.2

by snout on 23-08-2002, 19:55
Topic: Development

Source: MSX files

Slotman of MSX files has released a new version of MSX Pad.

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