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Slide show disks

by BiFi on 25-09-2002, 14:51
Topic: Software

Source: MSX-Files

Slotman and Lumberjack made 3 disks with slide shows. Images chosen are a collection of snails, a collection of Amstrad game screens and a collection of hentai screens converted from PC and arcade games.If you like pictures, you should check them out.

Source: MSX Mailinglist

In the past, Yamaha released two soundmodules for the Yamaha CX5M MSX computers. To use these expansions on other MSX computers, a special adapter is needed. Both expansions were quite ahead of their time. The software of the SFG-01 was only capable of saving to cassette, while the software of the SFG-05 could save to disk as well.

Shalom Portuguese beta 8

by BiFi on 24-09-2002, 09:22
Topic: Translations

Source: MSX Files

Shalom, the sequel of Maze of Galious, has reached a new stage in Portugese translation. The new beta 8 allows you to beat bosses 4 and 5.

MSX Artwork Contest

by MSX Resource Center on 24-09-2002, 00:16
Topic: Websites

The MSX Games bOX is organizing an artwork contest which you are free to participate in. Participants are free to submit any new home-made design on the MSX Theme, be it wallpapers, screensavers or an 'artistic' contribution. Deadline for submissions is set to 31 October, 2002.

C-BIOS 0.11

by snout on 22-09-2002, 12:32
Topic: Emulation

New versions of the MSX Compatible BIOS (C-BIOS) arrive almost every day now. In a very short timespan, Boukichi released version 0.10, 0.10a and version 0.11.Since version 0.09, several bugs were fixed, and the init_SC5 routine was added.

BDS-C sources released

by snout on 21-09-2002, 01:06
Topic: Development

Hans Otten pointed us to the following message on comp.os.cpm:

"I, Leor Zolman, hereby and forever more release all rights to BDS C to anyone and everyone who'd like to make copies, download, use, sell, whatever, both the original retail packages and all source code, including to the compiler itself, wherever they may be able to get a copy"

This BDS-C compiler is a C compiler for cpm that a

Retro Review magazine is currently looking for people who would like to write articles for this magazine. If you have MSX-related articles you'd like to see published in a real magazine, please contact

C-BIOS 0.09

by snout on 20-09-2002, 01:03
Topic: Emulation

After releasing SDCC 0.1, Boukichi also released a new version of the MSX-compatible BIOS: C-BIOS.

MSX Pad 1.4

by snout on 19-09-2002, 11:29
Topic: Development

Source: MSX Files

Iconsoft released a new version of MSX Pad. The cross-development Pascall IDE.

MSX PPI re-created in FPGA

by snout on 19-09-2002, 11:26
Topic: Hardware

Source: MSX-Files

After creating a fully compatible PSG replacement in FPGA, Marco Antonio Simon Dal Poz succeeded in creating the MSX PPI in FPGA as well. Both projects are now part of the 'Brazilian MSX Revival', which aims to recreate all MSX-chips - and thus an entire MSX computer - in FPGA.

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