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Manuel Bilderbeek informed us that openMSX, its versatile launcher Catapult, C-BIOS and Pasmo have been added to the Debian Linux distribution.

Bazix to attend MSX World 2005

by snout on 24-04-2005, 15:11
Topic: Events

The MSX World 2005 website has been updated with a first list of groups and companies which will attend this MSX fair which is going to be held on May 5th in Akihabara, Tokyo.

MSX Magazine 3 - Contents revealed

by snout on 22-04-2005, 01:46
Topic: MSX Revival

On April 28th, ASCII will release the third edition of MSX Magazine - Permanent preservation edition. As of today a PDF file with the complete contents of the magazine is available on the official MSX Magazine website.

Emulator Comparison - RedMSX review added

by snout on 21-04-2005, 23:38
Topic: MRC

The MSX Emulator Comparison has just been updated, adding a review of the Brazilian MSX emulator RedMSX.


by snout on 21-04-2005, 23:09
Topic: Music

On May 1st, the third edition of the compilation record series FMPSG will be released during the M3 music hobbyists fair in Japan. The record will contain several songs created on retro platforms, including one or more MSX tracks created by Symray Scopio.

Jan Koets's MIDI page - link added

by snout on 21-04-2005, 23:06
Topic: Music

We have just added a link to Jan Koets's MIDI page, on which you can find several MIDI files related to (and sometimes created on) MSX.

Datax Track diskmagazines

by snout on 21-04-2005, 15:35
Topic: Software

After adding the two Datax music disks (Overload and Music Power) to our downloads section, the Datax Track diskmagazines could not stay behind.

Datax Music Power

by snout on 21-04-2005, 15:22
Topic: Music

Last week we added Overload to our downloads section, today we added another Datax music disk: Music Power.

Pasmo 0.5.2

by snout on 20-04-2005, 00:55
Topic: Development

A new version of the Z80 cross-assembler Pasmo has been released. Changes in this version:

  • Added a warning when the 64 KiB limit is crossed in the middle of an instruction
  • All warnings now show line information
  • Some changes to allow use of more compilers, gcc 4 in particular

Karoshi forum opened

by snout on 19-04-2005, 16:57
Topic: Websites

Karoshi have opened a forum completely dedicated to their MSX activities. Karoshi recently announced they will make an MSX1 conversion of Columns. Two other projects, Ball-On! and Little Knight's Adventure were annoucned as well.

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