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Generation MSX update

by Sonic_aka_T on 20-09-2005, 08:12
Topic: Websites

The Generation MSX website was updated to include the newly discovered Konami title Keyboard Master.

Oneliner Challenge 28 - CatchKey

by Bart on 19-09-2005, 21:53
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

The 28th entry to the entry to the MRC Oneliner Challenge was sent in by HUR.

On the Tokyo GameShow, the One Chip MSX was on display in one of the booths of the organization of the Tokyo GameShow: CESA (Computer Entertainment Software Association).

Today MSX Club Groningen held their second MSX user meeting in Groningen, the Netherlands.

Back in 1993, Zodiac released the first of their four Arranger musicdisks. Each disk contained a great collection of arranged music for msx-music/msx-audio. The arrangements were mostly MSX related, but they often also included awesome versions of popular dance music and other tunes. Next to the four Arranger musicdisks, also the 'Moonsounds'-disk was made, a nice collection of opl4 music.

Oneliner Challenge 27 - Girigiri

by snout on 18-09-2005, 21:39
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

KdL, who also sent us Simple Pong, submitted the twentyseventh entry to the MRC Oneliner Challenge.

Although we still have to do a major update on the MSX in the Media Challenge this one was just too cool to not mention on our frontpage. During the Tokyo Gameshow, Konami released several trailers for new Metal Gear Solid games.

DarQ releases 5 Moonsound songs

by snout on 18-09-2005, 18:42
Topic: Music

DarQ has released 5 songs he created in the past for Sunrise's Moonsound soundcartridge, which contains the Yamaha OPL4 wavetable/FM soundchip.

Hans Otten's MSX Info pages - update

by snout on 18-09-2005, 18:36
Topic: Websites

Hans Otten has updated his MSX info pages once again with the following:

  • How to upgrade the memory on the Panasonic A1-WSX with a 1 MB DRAM 72 pins module
  • A BASIC to BINARY file converter from the Nemesis Tools package, originally intended to be run on Brazilian MSXs.

Karoshi have announced on their forums that they will make an MSX1 remake of the ZX-Spectrum game Saimazoom, originally released by the Spanish game developer Dinamic.

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