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The Great Escape in Project EGG

by snout on 05-07-2005, 13:12
Topic: MSX Revival

Amusement Center haver released Carry Lab's action game 'The Great Escape' (aka Large Desertion), an action game for MSX1 originally released in 1985, in their retro gaming service Projec

Waves 1.1

by snout on 04-07-2005, 01:47
Topic: Software

On June 29th, Daniel Vik released a new MSX1 demo called Waves, an impressive megademo, coming as a 512k MegaROM. PSG Samples, smooth scrolls and cool effects: this demo has got it all.

Manic Miner 3D

by snout on 03-07-2005, 13:39
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Remakes

Paradum Games have released a single-level 3D remake of Software Projects's Manic Miner, demonstrating their 'Nudge 2' engine in action.

The two Japanese chiptune composers Hackurl and Daria have both released arranged versions of the Sega Saturn game 'Thunder Force V'. Daria also released an MSX-style arrangement from the arcade game Battle Garegga.

MNBIOS website update

by flyguille on 02-07-2005, 20:36
Topic: Websites

Flyguille, the author of MNBIOS (MSX Non Basic Input Output System), updated the MNBIOS website. All outdated information related to the beta versions is removed, except for the screenshots. Both the programming and downloads sections are updated. The programming section now contains a online programmer's manual.

Surrec's MusiX Dizks - Public Domain

by [D-Tail] on 02-07-2005, 18:23
Topic: Software

Source: MSX Mailinglist

Surrec has decided to make their MSX music disks public domain. For the moment, only MusiX Dizks 1 and 3, as well as 13 in een Dozijn, can be downloaded from Richard Bosch's website. The rest of Surrec's repertoire will follow soon.

MRC Downloads top 10; June 2005

by snout on 01-07-2005, 09:29
Topic: MRC

It's the first of the month, so lets have a look at which files have been downloaded the most during June 2005.

Penguin Adventure remake

by MP83 on 30-06-2005, 21:52
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Remakes

From Brain Games the pleasant news that they have decided on their next project; a remake of Konami's Penguin Adventure.

Retro Computer Day

by BiFi on 30-06-2005, 21:46
Topic: Events

As we reported some while ago, on september 10th, 2005, a retro computer day will be held at 'Zalencentrum De Kayersheerdt' in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. As can be seen on the Retrocomputerdag website, several standholders have already applied.


by snout on 29-06-2005, 11:15
Topic: Software

Daniel Vik, the main developer of blueMSX, has released a new demo for MSX1. The demo, which comes as a 512kB MegaROM, shows impressive tricks such as a smooth full-screen scroller, a screensplit between SCREEN 2 and SCREEN 3 and more.

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