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MSX fair Bussum 2005

by Grauw on 13-07-2005, 14:12
Topic: Events

It has been a while since the last MSX fair has been held in The Netherlands, the MSX fair in Tilburg won't take place anymore. There is great news though, Laurens Holst (Grauw) has set a date for the annual MSX fair in Bussum. This year it will be held on Saturday, October 1st.

MSX BSB 2004 photoshoot

by snout on 13-07-2005, 11:12
Topic: Photo shoots

Source: MSXBR-L mailinglist

From April 16th to April 18th, 2004, the fourth MSX BSB meeting was held in Brasília, Brazil. As of today, a photoshoot of the event can be found over here.

Rick Dangerous for MSX review

by snout on 12-07-2005, 12:17
Topic: Websites

At the English Rick Dangerous - resurrected website, an article on Rick Dangerous for MSX can be found. The game was released for MSX in 1992 by the Dutch group Paragon.

The Japanese chiptune composers Daria, DRM and Hackurl frequently appear on the MRC frontpage, as they regularly release tunes created on, or inspired by the MSX.

kbMediaPlayer 2.41 (english)

by snout on 11-07-2005, 10:59
Topic: MSX Related

Recently a new version of kbMediaPlayer and its English patcher were released. kBMediaPlayer can be used to play a wide range of different audio and video file formats, including MSX tunes.

Give the One Chip MSX a new name challenge

by snout on 10-07-2005, 23:00
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

As you all probably know by now ASCII intend to commercially produce a new MSX computer, the One Chip MSX.

MSXdev'05 - Status update

by pitpan on 10-07-2005, 22:21
Topic: Software

Today the MSXdev'05 status page was updated with 4 more entries, 2 of which already have been completed.

2000 One Chip MSX computers sold

by Latok on 10-07-2005, 17:22
Topic: MSX Revival

On May 20th, ASCII started taking pre-orders on the new One Chip MSX. Within a week, 1000 devices were pre-ordered. It took almost 2 months before the 2000 milestone was reached.

One Chip MSX available outside Japan

by Bazix on 10-07-2005, 03:54
Topic: MSX Revival

On May 20th, ASCII opened up their Japanese One Chip MSX pre-order page and started taking orders on the new MSX computer from Japanese MSX fans.

Today, an important step in the MSX revival was taken.


by snout on 10-07-2005, 02:26
Topic: Hardware

Source: Wolf_

Ymixer is an hardware modification of the popular YM2149 most MSX users have come to know as the PSG.

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