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According to Gigamix weblog it has been decided by ASCII that their company ASCII Solutions isn't going to commercially produce the One Chip MSX computer.

MSX Historia updates

by mtini on 25-08-2005, 09:36
Topic: Websites

MSX Historia has been updated with an exclusive interview with Adriano Camargo Rodrigues da Cunha, author of many software titles for MSX, such as Uzix.

Furthermore, a music section was added as well as a lot of high resolution cartridge labels of Konami games.

fMSX for PSP 0.62bplus

by snout on 24-08-2005, 14:46
Topic: Emulation

A new version of fMSX for PSP, an MSX emulator for Sony PSP has been released.

Metal Gear Acid 2 - preview

by snout on 24-08-2005, 14:38
Topic: MSX Related

In November 2005, Konami is to release Metal Gear Acid 2, the second edition of this card-based game inspired by Metal Gear.

fmsxDS 0.02

by MsXgAmEs on 22-08-2005, 22:48
Topic: Emulation

In June we reported about the first release of nyagosu's MSX emulator for Nintendo DS.

Moley Christmas and Monty on the Run

by snout on 21-08-2005, 20:43
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Remakes

After the release of Wanted: Monty Mole, Space-timegames released two more Monty remakes built using Multimedia Fusion: Moley Christmas<

Generation MSX - updates

by snout on 21-08-2005, 20:39
Topic: Websites

The online MSX software information database Generation MSX has been updated once again, adding a livesearch block to the frontpage, fixing a bug in the news RSS feed and adding a map to Compile's Guardic.

Realms of Adventure - updates

by Peter_M on 21-08-2005, 17:56
Topic: Software

Umax, a Dutch game developers group famous for their games such as Pumpkin Adventure I to III, The Lost World and others, have updated their website with more detailed information of the upcoming game Realms of Adventure (RoA).

After ASCII, Bazix has just announced they also closed their One Chip MSX preorder page as of 23:59 CET, August 20th, 2005. This means the world-wide preorder period for the One Chip MSX is now officially over.

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