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Manicomio (MSXdev'05 entry)

by pitpan on 15-12-2005, 13:20
Topic: Software

Crappy Soft have published their third entry for MSXdev'05: Manicomio, a text based adventure in which you have to escape from an asylum in which you have been secluded after a mysterious crime. At the moment, the game is only available in Spanish.

On the 14th of January, 2006 - one month from now, a new MSX fair will be held in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Theseus map

by mars2000you on 15-12-2005, 13:07
Topic: Websites

Almost one year after its launch, the 50th map was added to the popular website MSX Solutions. This time, Fabio made a map of the action game Theseus, which was released under in 1984 by ASCII.

To celebrate the release of Peter Jackson's new film King Kong, Imanok has updated his website with a major English retranslation of Konami's game '

Crazy Buggy (MSXdev '05 entry)

by pitpan on 14-12-2005, 00:34
Topic: Software

Crappy Soft have presented their second finished entry for the MSXdev'05 contest: Crazy Buggy. The goal of this 16 KB ROM game is to guide your car to the top of the screen without touching neither the bombs nor the other cars.

Karoshi Corp. has presented its second finished game for the MSXdev'05 game development contest: Griel's Quest for the Sangraal, a logic maze game in which you control Sir Griel, a brave knight who starts the quest for the Holy Grail, required to destroy the Evil Lord, who has awaken again.

Kralizec Tetris

by SaebaMSX on 13-12-2005, 10:55
Topic: Software

As you already could have read on our active MSX Forum yesterday, Kralizec have released a free tetris game for MSX1.

The Cure (MSXdev'05 entry)

by pitpan on 11-12-2005, 17:23
Topic: Software

XL2S Entertainment has submitted its entry for MSXdev'05, called The Cure, formerly registered as VKSD.

Booga-Boo remake

by Bart on 09-12-2005, 23:21
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Remakes

If you remember one thing about Booga-Boo it must be the scary flesheating plants which didn't hesitate a single moment if they got the chance to digest the games' main character. This classic from 1983 has been remade for Windows. Not even close to the MSX version ofcourse, but entertaining nevertheless.

MSX Neon Nights update

by mars2000you on 09-12-2005, 17:11
Topic: Websites

The Brazilian site MSX Neon Nights has been updated with maps of different games:

  • Capitan Trueno (Dinamic, 1989)
  • Alien 8 (Jaleco, 1986)
  • Alien Syndrome (Sega, 1988)
  • Abu Simbel Profanation (Dinamic, 1985)

The map for the first part of Navy Moves (Dinamic, 1988) has also been uploaded (the second part was already available) and a giant walkthrough of the great

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