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Thread engine for MSX

by snout on 05-08-2006, 13:13
Topic: Development

Marcel Delorme has sent us the complete source code to a thread engine for MSX he recently developed. The thread engine allows developers to create multiple threads running on the MSX simultaneously, which could be interesting for people developing a GUI/OS.

Euskal meeting 14 promo

by snout on 03-08-2006, 00:43
Topic: Software

Active readers of our MSX Forum have probably already seen this demo, which was developed by NapalM during the 14th Euskal encounter in Spain, as it was announced in this forum topic.

SymbOS 1.1 alpha

by snout on 03-08-2006, 00:18
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Today, a new alpha version of SymbOS, the multitasking window-based GUI/OS ported from Amstrad CPC to MSX was released. Compatible with MSX2, 2+ and turboR the OS has already advanced quite a lot since the first steps of porting it were taken in this forum topic.

MSXRio 2006 - reminder

by MarMSX on 03-08-2006, 00:13
Topic: Events

This Saturday and Sunday, it's time for the annual MSXRio meeting in -indeed- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As usual, many members of the active Brazilian MSX community will gather during these days to share news, present new projects, exchange ideas and have a great social event altogether.

MarMSX available in English

by MarMSX on 03-08-2006, 00:08
Topic: Websites

The Brazilian MSX website MarMSX is, as of now, also available in English. On the website, you can download several games and utilities for both MSX and cross-development on PC, including the MSXViewer utility which also allows you to convert PC graphics back to various different MSX SCREEN modes.

Downloads top 10; July 2006

by snout on 02-08-2006, 16:58
Topic: MRC

With all the consternation involved in the GameStats discussion, we overlooked a new month had begun and it was high time for a brand new downloads top 10.

MSX merchandize poll closed

by snout on 31-07-2006, 14:53
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

In order to make way for the new poll related to GameStats, we closed the poll on MSX Merchandizing, which started on July 18th.

Yesterday, snout proposed a potential new feature for MSX emulators to the developers of blueMSX and openMSX called GameStats.

openMSX 0.6.1

by mth on 31-07-2006, 09:03
Topic: Emulation

A brand new version of the opensource MSX emulator openMSX, version 0.6.1 was released today, along with Catapult, its GUI/launcher.

Space Manbow 2 - Endboss BGM

by norakomi on 31-07-2006, 00:11
Topic: Music

Norakomi of the new MSX development group RenovatiO has revealed one of the BGMs from their upcoming MSX game Space Manbow 2 (a fangame based in -indeed- Konami's impressive shooter Space Manbow on the MSX game music website

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