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by snout on 08-04-2006, 17:07
Topic: Software

Andre Kuepfer sent us Clopy, a nice puzzle game for MSX turboR made in the 1990s by a group called Noname. The game, which was inspired by games like Kings Valley and Pixess has just been added to our ever growing freeware MSX downloads section.

Tir-nan-og in Project EGG

by snout on 04-04-2006, 18:21
Topic: MSX Revival

Amusement Center have re-released the PC-8801 version of System Soft's RPG Tir-nan-og in Project EGG.

Hexion BGM by Hackurl

by snout on 04-04-2006, 18:18
Topic: Music

The Japanese chiptune compuser Hackurl has released yet another MSX flavored music remake. This time, he made a PSG+SCC version of the BGM to Konami's 1992 arcade game Hexion.

Sunrise website - updates

by snout on 02-04-2006, 17:56
Topic: Websites

Sunrise have updated their website, adding information on, and an order form for both the MSX Game Reader (a device which makes it possible to play cartridge games directly from cartridge on a PC) and Arranger - the Complete works (a collection of great MSX-Audio/MSX-Music tunes on disk and CD by Zodiac).

MSX Worldwide 7.16Mhz programming contest

by djh1697 on 02-04-2006, 17:51
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

MSX Worldwide have just launched a new MSX development challenge called the 7.16MHz programming contest.

Following the release of INK: EXXON SURFING last year, both Matra and Bitwise are currently re-releasing INK on a somewhat unconventional software medium: for the first time in years it's possible to buy MSX

Guess what?! We're back!

by Bart on 01-04-2006, 22:53
Topic: MRC

Ofcourse most of you immediately understood the Konami antiques news we posted yesterday was an april fools joke, but much to our enjoyment many of you believed, or at least were unsure of, today's announcement. Ofcourse the entire announcement was an april fools prank also!

Downloads top 10; March 2006

by snout on 01-04-2006, 07:44
Topic: MRC

It's the first of the month, so lets have a look at which files have been downloaded the most during March 2006.

MSX Advance 0.1

by snout on 31-03-2006, 23:52
Topic: Emulation

Today, the first version of MSX Advance, an MSX emulator for Gameboy Advance was released. The emulator is already capable of running several MSX1 games quite decently.

The newspost below is an April fools joke

We have just received an e-mail from Shigatsu Usoda, stating that a new, very interesting collectors item was released in Akihabara, Tokyo today: a Konami MSX antiques 25-in-1 joystick.

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