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MSX80 release 1

by snout on 20-09-2006, 18:40
Topic: Emulation

JR, developer of fMSX/S60 - the MSX emulator for Series 60 mobile phones - has just released the very first version of MSX80, an MSX emulator for the Nokia 9300, the Nokia 9300i and the Nokia 9500 phone models. This initial release is really to be considered an alpha version which crashes randomly and may cause problems on your mobile phone.

Konami classics in Xbox Live Arcade

by snout on 20-09-2006, 14:57
Topic: MSX Related

After the announcement of MSX support in Nintendo Wii's virtual console, Microsoft announced their next-gen console, the Xbox 360 is to add several classic

Jos'b has announced to join the MSXdev'06 competition with a game called Los Jardines de Zee Wang Zu. On the MSXdev website you can have a look at a screenshot of the title screen of this game.

Most essential MSX event (1982-2005) [round 1]

by snout on 19-09-2006, 03:59
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

Are you ready for some serious voting? Right here the first round of voring in the Most essential MSX event (1982-2005) megapoll has just started. Within the next couple of weeks we are going to find out what you, MRC visitors, think is the most essential MSX event that took place in this period of time.

SymbOS 1.1 alpha3

by snout on 19-09-2006, 02:41
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

A new preview version of SymbOS - a multitasking, window-based GUI - for MSX has just been released.

openMSX goes SVN

by snout on 19-09-2006, 02:38
Topic: Emulation

Source: openMSX-devel mailinglist

Team openMSX have migrated their sources on Source Forge from CVS (Concurrent Versions System) to SVN (Subversion).

MSX Café Convention 2006 - report

by snout on 19-09-2006, 02:29
Topic: Websites

MSX Café have published a report on the recently held MSX Café Convention meeting, of which you can see a photo shoot and movie over here.

Bazix have just updated their website, adding detailed information and pictures of the new One Chip MSX we reported about earlier.

blueMSX 2.6

by mars2000you on 17-09-2006, 13:33
Topic: Emulation

Early this morning version 2.6 of the BlueMSX emulator was released. BlueMSX now also supports the Game Reader, it requires the Game Reader hardware and official drivers.

MSX Worldwide magazine - the end?

by snout on 16-09-2006, 16:43
Topic: Websites

Today, both MSX Banzai and MSX Posse report the Dutch MSX magazine MSX Worldwide is to be discontinued.

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