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With the recent news and discussions about the three canceled entries still fresh in our memories, Nerlaska Studio reopens the party by announcing their second entry for the MSXdev'06 contest: MSX Invaders!

fMSXSE 0.15

by snout on 03-10-2006, 16:16
Topic: Emulation

Nyagosu has released fMSXSE 0.15, an MSX emulator for Windows Mobile devices. The emulator is still in an early stage of development and at only supports VGA resolution, but is still worth checking out if you have a device the emulator supports. This new release adds support for save states.

Most essential MSX event (1982-2005) [round 4]

by snout on 01-10-2006, 00:22
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

Are you ready for some serious voting? Right here you will find the fourth round of voring in the Most essential MSX event (1982-2005) megapoll. From the initial 78 nominees, 26 moved on to this round. Every single vote counts, and the more votes the better so what's keeping you?

Downloads top 10; September 2006

by snout on 01-10-2006, 00:18
Topic: MRC

It's the first of the month again, so lets have a look at the most popular downloads from the previous month.

FMPSG006 - Cyanic beat

by snout on 30-09-2006, 23:31
Topic: Music

The FMPSG group have announced FMPSG - Cyanic beat is to be released on October 9th during the m3 hobby music market. The CD is to contain 27 tracks (8 originals and 17 re-arrangements).

MSX Pizza 2006 - photo shoot

by snout on 30-09-2006, 23:26
Topic: Photo shoots

Edson Pereira has put several pictures, taken on the MSX Pizza 2006 meeting in Brazil, on this website. This meeting was held in Novo Friburgo, Brazil on September 23rd.

Spresiano Retrocomputing 2006

by snout on 30-09-2006, 23:22
Topic: Events

On October 8th, another edition of the Italian retro computer meeting Spresiano will be held. Spresiano is an all-round retro computing event with a lot of attention for MSX. This edition is dedicated to the loving memory of Giorgio Poggi (Italian translations of Japanese videogames, for ex.

MSX80 release 2

by snout on 28-09-2006, 22:04
Topic: Emulation

JR, developer of fMSX/S60 - the MSX emulator for Series 60 mobile phones - has just released the second version of MSX80, an MSX emulator for the Nokia 9300, the Nokia 9300i and the Nokia 9500 phone models.

PSPMSX 1.0.6

by snout on 27-09-2006, 19:12
Topic: Emulation

Yesterday ZX-81 released a new version of PSPMSX, an MSX emulator for the Sony PSP.

One Chip MSX status update

by wolf_ on 27-09-2006, 01:56
Topic: MSX Revival

mailing list

D4 Enterprise have just announced that more than 4,500 people have shown interest in the One Chip MSX, which means that sales of the One Chip MSX is to start soon.

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