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MSX MineSweeper

by snout on 17-01-2007, 01:36
Topic: Software

In a (new) course that teaches how to create games for MSX, MarMSX has released an MSX version of Minesweeper, the well known computer game that has, amongst others, been included with many versions of

Blinky's Scary School MSX - preview

by snout on 17-01-2007, 01:26
Topic: Software

SLotman has released a website on his upcoming game Blinky's Scary School, an MSX port of this platform/puzzle game previously released on various platforms as you can see

Carmen Sandiego MSX - preview

by snout on 17-01-2007, 01:21
Topic: Software

SLotman has released a new preview of his upcoming game Carmen Sandiego MSX, an MSX port of this popular Carmen Sandiego game.

JEmu2 4.0

by snout on 17-01-2007, 01:16
Topic: Emulation

A new version of JEmu2, a Java based emulator of several arcade, console and homecomputer platforms has just been released. The emulator also offers MSX and MSX2 emulation.

Delta Soft update website

by snout on 17-01-2007, 01:14
Topic: Websites

Last week, Delta Soft updated their website with an updated preview page of their upcoming game Lucky Darts, a darts game for MSX2. Furthermore a few game hints/cheats of their recently released game Konami Quiz 2 were revealed.

Matra launch Shockware service

by [D-Tail] on 15-01-2007, 21:39
Topic: Hardware

Starting today, Matra launched its new Shockware service. Similar to INK: Exxon Surfing, which they released last year, games released in the Shockware programme are new MSX games on cartridge(!).

No Fuss in

by Bart on 12-01-2007, 00:37
Topic: MSX Revival

After releasing ANMA's Frantic, Nosh and Troxx in, Bazix added No Fuss to as well.

RetrOss cancelled

by snout on 09-01-2007, 22:34
Topic: Events

The organization of the RetrOss fair have just announced their retro meeting, originally planned for January 27th, has been canceled.

Kralizec have updated their website with a new design. Celebrating this restyle, they have declared their games Bomb Jack, Dahku and Kralizec Tetris freeware. You can download them all on the new Kralizec website.

Product of hearts - in the 6th sense

by snout on 08-01-2007, 18:01
Topic: Software

The Japanese group Target Area/Rabbit Soft Workers have released a new turboR game called Product of Hearts - in the 6h sense, which you can download for free in the MSX corner of their website.

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