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bgMSX - Griel's Holy Cup added

by wolf_ on 04-09-2007, 22:09
Topic: Music

With the addition of Griel's Holy Cup, bgMSX now has 1864 songs in their database. This game from Mononoki House (the adult section from Compile), has excellent music and very addictive gameplay. As always, there's extra reading material available on the website of bgMSX.

Metal Gear 2007

by snout on 03-09-2007, 00:54
Topic: Music

On August 10th, 2006, a bit more than a year ago, Wolf_ released an impressive amount of his compositions and re-arrangements in our downloads corner.

RGCD #03

by snout on 02-09-2007, 23:17
Topic: MSX Related

The third edition of RGCD, a freely downloadable disk (ISO) magazine on retro gaming contains at least three interesting reads for MSX fans: reviews of the MSXdev entries Daedalian Opus,

SCMD 1.10.3

by snout on 02-09-2007, 23:11
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

A new version of SCMD, the multichannel PCM and multichip soundplayer for MSX has been released. In this release, a bug in that caused graphical replayer to crash was fixed.

The SCMD player allows you to play multiple samples on one or even two SCC cartridges at the same time, which is similar to playing MOD-files. SCMD also supports 'ordinary' sound playback on PSG, MSX-MUSIC and SCC.

After more than 7 years of fulfilling his duties as an MSX Resource Center crew member, Bart Schouten decided the time has come to hand over his duties as an admin of our website and a board member of the MSX Resource Center foundation to someone else.

Bart joined the MRC crew late 1999.

MSX Mastermind

by wolf_ on 01-09-2007, 19:41
Topic: Software

French MSX user MSXosaure has made the famous game Mastermind available for MSX2. Entirely programmed in MSX-BASIC, this puzzle game offers four- and five-entry modes and has three different difficulty levels. The game comes as double sided disk image, and can be downloaded at the website of MSX Cafe.

bgMSX - Yuureikun added

by wolf_ on 01-09-2007, 19:22
Topic: Music

The website dedicated to MSX music, bgMSX, has added music from Yuureikun (otherwise known as Mr.Ghost) to its database of 1852 songs right now.

Fresh after the recent release of SymbOS 2.0, this remarkable product, including drivers, has been added to the MRC Download section.

MRC Downloads Charts - August 2007

by snout on 01-09-2007, 16:09
Topic: MRC

It's the first of the month, which means it's time for the MSX Downloads Charts - our monthly overview of which files from our freeware MSX downloads corner have been downloaded the most in the past month.

iMSX 1.2

by wolf_ on 31-08-2007, 22:59
Topic: Emulation

Today, a new beta of this freeware launcher for BlueMSX has been released. With iMSX one can start up games in a very simple way: select one of the four generic MSX models, select a game, and off you go. The website contains information about the requirements, installing, and more.

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