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MSXart unlimited - F1 Spirit

by wolf_ on 15-10-2009, 23:25
Topic: Websites

As with many contests, near a deadline the crowd wakes up and starts submitting entries. This situation was evident with MSXdev'08 as well - and it may become evident during the MSXdev'09 deadline again. From Brazilian MSX user muffie comes the next entry for MSXart unlimited: F1 Spirit.

MSXart unlimited - Freddy Hardest

by wolf_ on 15-10-2009, 22:23
Topic: Websites

A new wallpaper was submitted to the MSXart unlimited contest, organized by Passion MSX. This time, Konamito took the easel and the brush and created a picture based on Freddy Hardest.

Thunderbirds release plan

by TheKid on 15-10-2009, 19:04
Topic: Software

Delta Soft's development of Thunderbirds to the Rescue, the successor of Thunderbirds are Go released back in 1999, is going very well. They are planning to release it at the Nijmegen 2010 fair. The game will be sold as 13 disks, or a 64 MB compact flash version with many extras. Details will be revealed later this year.

paraMSX 0.50 beta

by hap on 15-10-2009, 18:26
Topic: Emulation

Korean MSX user sharksym, in recent times known for his MMC interface cartridge, released paraMSX 0.50 beta.

Meridian, created by Michiel de Vries, is a versatile MIDI-based (delta)steptime tracker supporting both external MIDI devices and Sunrise's OPL4 based Moonsound.

Bargain 8.50 added to downloads

by wolf_ on 13-10-2009, 16:21
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

We have added Bargain 8.50 to our ever growing freeware downloads section. Bargain is a lossless compression tool for MSX images in screen mode 5 up to 12. If you have any freeware material you'd wish to share with the world, you may consider our downloads section.

MSXart unlimited - Tribute

by wolf_ on 12-10-2009, 21:19
Topic: Websites

More wallpapers are being submitted to the MSXart unlimited contest on Passion MSX. The calendar is already a certainty, but until the 18th of October you have the chance to submit a wallpaper as well. José Ramón did so as well, and thanks to him an MSXart Unlimited Tribute wallpaper can be downloaded.

36th MSX users meeting in Barcelona

by Pypo on 12-10-2009, 20:45
Topic: Events

AAMSX will hold their next MSX users meeting on the 5th of December.

MSXart unlimited - C.H.I.L.D.

by wolf_ on 11-10-2009, 11:26
Topic: Websites

From Polaris comes entry #14 for MSXart unlimited, the never ending graphics contest. It's called C.H.I.L.D. and is formed out of the MSX logo which is about to get fertilized. As you can see, all possible ideas could find their way into a wallpaper image, no concept is too strange. If you have similar ideas, you may well join this contest in order to fill up the next calendar.

RELEVO Videogames updates

by viejo_archivero on 09-10-2009, 17:09
Topic: Websites

Although RELEVO Videogames currently aren't updating their website often, they are working hard on their projects.

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