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Palette Editor 1.3

by hap on 20-03-2010, 01:06
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

BiFi released an update of Palette Editor, a ROM image allowing you to change the default palette on MSX2 and up before booting a cartridge.

MSX Solutions - tera update

by wolf_ on 19-03-2010, 11:38
Topic: Software

After a few months of silence, Brazilian map maker only_69 strikes back with a new bag full o' game maps! A great resource to assist you in finishing a game, and a great resource for game developers to see how games are designed.

MSX at nominations

by wolf_ on 19-03-2010, 10:39
Topic: Media, a large website providing a platform for demos (or electronic art, as they call it) all around the globe, has nominated five oldschool demos from 2009 for their annual awards.


by wolf_ on 19-03-2010, 00:00
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

Gentlemen: start your engines, pick up ye olde painting brush and contract the whole PSG orchestra, it's time for MSXdev'10! Like MSX itself, the annual game development contest MSXdev is tough and sturdy, it may be around for an eternity, who knows..

Carlos Maidana's site dedicated to MSX is back online with a new blog layout focused on hardware and software projects for MSX. To celebrate this rebirth, two brand new articles have been published. The first one is about a memory upgrade from 128kB to 512kB for a Talent TPC-310 -an MSX2 computer- suitable for any other MSX computer with the S1985 engine.

fMSX PSP 3.5.41

by ant0niutti on 18-03-2010, 16:49
Topic: Emulation

A new version of fMSX-PSP has been released. Being a minor update, the only new feature in this version is a fixed button for the US/JP switch, so that it will now correctly initialize at startup. But, alas, for some people such a feature is the difference between night and day, so let's cherish it.

Invasion of the Zombie Monsters launched

by hap on 15-03-2010, 15:49
Topic: Software

This weekend, while some MSX nerds were seen sitting at their desk discussing IotZM sprites, El Viejo Archivero and his team were at the succesful retro fair

Invasion of the Zombie Monsters preview

by hap on 10-03-2010, 20:20
Topic: Software

Invasion of the Zombie Monsters, an upcoming MSX / Spectrum platform game by Relevo Videogames (a fork of Karoshi), was previewed today on the Spanish gaming website Metodologic.

The preview, accompanied with screenshots, discusses its difficult and addictive gameplay, reminisce

Spanish subforums

by wolf_ on 08-03-2010, 22:58
Topic: MRC

The new website, MRC2k10 (previously known as MRC2k9, also known as MRC2k8, initially planned as MRC2k7) is on its way. But until its release, we're stuck with MRC2k2. We won't spend too much time on tweaking old code, but a desperate howl from the Spanish section touched Jorito (our website maintainer and 2k10 builder) deeply.

MRC Download Charts - February 2010

by wolf_ on 08-03-2010, 22:42
Topic: MRC

Tsk Tsk! A week over due, but what can you do.. It's time to put the most popular downloads into the spotlight again. So, without further ado, the statistics from February and a week from March!

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