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As the uploading of the Micro's Gazette magazines resulted in positive feedback, Tony Cruise has decided to go further back into the history of Spectravideo and MSX in Australia to the point where the original user group in Australia was formed.

The user group magazine was published for a quite a few years and slowly T

Sony introduced the 3.5 inch floppy disc in 1981. Last week, Sony Japan announced that the production of floppy discs will end on March 6, 2011. Sony stopped the production of 3.5 inch drives last September. Hitachi Maxell and Mitsubishi stopped producing floppy discs last year. So you better stack up if you're not using other drives and media such as a SD or MMC interface!

MSX Computer Magazine online

by hru on 02-05-2010, 10:21
Topic: Websites

Dutch MSX fans were blessed with some excellent MSX magazines in the 80's and 90's. Who can forget about MSX Computer Magazine's chief editor Wammes Witkop raving about his game reviewer whenever the titles Starship Rendez Vous and Penguin Adventure appeared in game articles. Or what about the game reviewer's never ending remarks about haircuts and the authority of editorial boss monsters?

MSX Error 51 - Photo shoot

by altaris on 27-04-2010, 19:34
Topic: Photo shoots

In the weekend of 24 and 25 April, an MSX meeting took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina: MSX Error 51. To get an impression of this event, a photo shoot has been put online.

Vampier videos - Eggerland

by wolf_ on 16-04-2010, 00:40
Topic: Software

Recording MSX videos appears to be Vampier's obsessive hobby. How else would one classify the recording of all the Eggerland levels?

SCREEN 2 tutorial

by aorante on 14-04-2010, 23:12
Topic: Development

Spanish MSX friend aorante has published a tutorial in his blog, to create SCREEN 2 graphics. There you will find different techniques to, e.g., apply dithering and to combine sprites. The information in his blog is in Spanish.

OCM-PLD Pack 2.3

by KdL on 13-04-2010, 10:46
Topic: MSX Revival

A new version of KdL's 1chipMSX firmware has been released, a practical - if not essential - update for 1chipMSX'es.

Retrospectiva 2010-RSP MMX competition

by the_woz on 08-04-2010, 19:47
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

On the 6th of April the contest Retrospectiva 2010 was anounced. This is the second edition of this competition about programming, music and graphics, which is organized by Retrocomputacion (an Argentinian website dedicated to retrocomputing).

Cold Blood Demo

by MsxKun on 05-04-2010, 14:51
Topic: Software

As of today, you can play a demo version of Paxanga's Cold Blood, the first level is fully playable. It's basically a Pac Man clone with some elements from Konami's Metal Gear in it.

MRC Download Charts - March 2010

by wolf_ on 04-04-2010, 22:20
Topic: MRC

Would Konami celebrate the Easter event any different than we do? After all, their Moai heads, as seen in their Gradius franchise and other games, originate from Easter Island.

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