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VScreen Car added to downloads

by wolf_ on 06-02-2008, 16:43
Topic: Software

Following a request in this forumthread, MRC has added Maggoo's experimental car game example (made with his VScreen engine) to the downloads section.

Best MSX demo ever megapoll [nominations]

by snout on 03-02-2008, 08:00
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

Ever since the early 1990s MSX developers around the world used impressive MSX demos as means to show their impressive development skills. Creating effects that often were deemed impossible on MSX, making us laugh with funny animations or just plain old egoboosting: the MSX demo scene had (and still has!) a lot to offer.

XL2s - Projects page

by wolf_ on 02-02-2008, 22:38
Topic: Websites

XL2s Entertainment have made a projects page on their website, roughly a week ago already. This projects page gives some insight in what this Dutch MSX duo is working on. An overview of their activities:

  • Dash! - A Boulderdash clone.

There can't ever be enough maps from MSX games, and this is what drives map maker only_69. His website approaches 30.000 visits, and can thus be considered highly popular.

New Argentinian MSX mailing list

by altaris on 01-02-2008, 22:02
Topic: Websites

A new private MSX mailing list in Spanish has been created at Yahoo Groups. It is called "MSXError51" and aims to be the successor of the Club MSX Argentino mailing list (that is going to disappear on the 10th of February).

MSX Download Charts - January 2008

by snout on 01-02-2008, 00:15
Topic: MRC

It's the first of the month and thus time for the MSX Download Charts - our monthly overview of which files from our freeware MSX downloads corner have been downloaded the most in the past month. As of this months we have decided to expand the MSX Related Downloads charts from a monthly Top 5 to a monthly Top 10.

MSXdev '07 - Results

by wolf_ on 31-01-2008, 22:47
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

In the last few years, the MSXdev competitions gained much praise from the community. Not only did it increase the amount of new content for the good-old MSX1 system, it also made game developers more active.

Scene Music Remake Challenge #2 - Closed

by snout on 31-01-2008, 19:35
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

Last night, the second Scene Music Remake Challenge came to an end. After a slow start and an extended deadline, several entries came in after all. As a result we have 8 songs from 6 different composers that entered the challenge.

MSX Solutions update: Feud

by wolf_ on 31-01-2008, 00:21
Topic: Websites

Mankind has had barely enough time to inspect his giant Bastard map and explorer only_69 comes up with the next map already.

1chipMSX Western Edition news

by wolf_ on 29-01-2008, 21:10
Topic: MSX Revival

It's been a while since we heard news about the Western Edition of the 1chipMSX. Finally, after a long deafening silence Bazix has sent out a mailing with news regarding their efforts to bring this Western Edition to us.

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