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Knightmare Gold

by snout on 15-09-2005, 14:18
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Remakes

Knightmare Gold is an MSX2 remake of Konami's classic Knightmare, originally released for MSX1 in 1986.

La Mulana - released

by snout on 15-09-2005, 13:56
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Remakes

GR3 Project, known from their JAVA based Gradius clone have, after releasing a promo version in October 2002, released their platform game

Project EGG have announced that Falcom's upcoming game Xanadu Next will contain the PC Engine versions of Xanadu 1 and Xanadu 2 and a Xanadu encyclopedia.

RAM Rider release MSX tunes on CD single

by snout on 15-09-2005, 13:38
Topic: Music

The Japanese band RAM Rider have released a fourth single which contains an 'Amusement Cartridge mix' created on MSX. This is the third single RAM Rider release that contains MSX content.

Unofficial One Chip MSX datapack

by snout on 15-09-2005, 13:32
Topic: MSX Revival

The Unofficial One Chip MSX datapack is a website that contains information on the One Chip MSX project, ranging from specifications of the MSX computer system to specific questions on the capabilities of the One Chip MSX, most of which have been answered officially in the

After the release of the Game Sound Legend - Premium box, there are two new upcoming Game Sound Legend releases containing MSX sounds.

Retro PC Game Music have again updated their playlists. This time, the soundtrack of the X1 version of Falcom's RPG Romancia was added.

Bazix have announced the One Chip MSX is to be demonstrated during the upcoming Tokyo Gameshow, which is being held from September 16th to September 18th 2005 in the Nippon Convention Center in Tokyo, Japan.

It seems like this is th

Konami Quiz 2 release delayed

by BiFi on 13-09-2005, 14:21
Topic: Software

Source: Delta Soft

Konami Quiz 2 was planned to be released at the MSX fair in Bussum. However, Delta Soft wasn't able to do any full beta testing until recently. This means the release will move to the MSX fair in Nijmegen.

This Sunday MSX Club Groningen is to hold their second MSX user meeting in Groningen, the Netherlands. The meeting will be held in "Wijkcentrum de Karre", Floresplein 19-D, Groningen. Just as was the case with the previous meeting, entrance will be free.

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