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IOMBCC entries 11 to 15

by snout on 17-04-2005, 14:47
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

It's been a while since we reported about the IOMBCC (International Obfuscated MSX-BASIC Code Contest), but the coders of obfuscated MSX-BASIC listings have been far from inactive.

We have just started a new megapoll, in search of the most favorite MSX game character. As of now, you can send in your nominations and share who/what is your favorite MSX game character and why in this forum thread. You can send in your nominations until April 24th, 23:59 CET. Happy nominating!

MSX network website - link added

by snout on 16-04-2005, 18:48
Topic: Websites

We have just added a link to the MSX Network website at our links section. The website contains information on the Russian Yamaha MSX network, which was used in many schools in Russia during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

openMSX tutorial in French

by snout on 16-04-2005, 15:36
Topic: Emulation

Manuel Bilderbeek recently sent us a link to an installation guide for openMSX in MacOSX, published on the French Mac emulation website

One Chip MSX1 on sale soon?

by snout on 16-04-2005, 15:08
Topic: MSX Revival

ag0ny has just submitted a very interesting post to his weblog, stating the One Chip MSX1 might go on sale any time now.

MSX Blue - launched

by mars2000you on 14-04-2005, 11:41
Topic: Websites

A new MSX community portal, MSX Blue has been launched. This bilingual (English and French) website includes a forum and intends to be an independant place for MSX information and discussion.

MSX História - Updates

by mtini on 14-04-2005, 11:37
Topic: Websites

The Konami cartridge label preservation website MSX História has been updated with a new layout of the frontpage. The site now contains 25 Gradiente-style cartridge labels that can be printed and then used to make damaged cartridges look like new again.

As we reported earlier, Falcom announced a new Ys game, of which little more than the title was known. Now, more information and screen shots can be found on the Ys: The Oath in Felghana website.

MSXPró - Updates

by snout on 12-04-2005, 15:29
Topic: Websites

The Brazilian MSX portal MSXPró has been updated once again, adding datasheets of the following MSX (related) chips:

  • HD6845 - 80 column video controller (VMX-80)
  • LM1889 - Video encoder and RF modulator (HotBit)
  • MC1374 - RF modulator (Expert)
  • MC1377 - RGB encoder (Expert)
  • 4164 - RAM (Expert/HotBit)
  • 44

Cross Blaim in EGG

by snout on 12-04-2005, 14:53
Topic: MSX Revival

Amusement Center have added dB-Soft's Cross Blaim to the online retrogaming store Project EGG.

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