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fMSXSO 1.03dd

by anonymous on 16-05-2002, 10:36
Topic: Emulation


Yet another small update of fMSXSO. As my japanese is as good as Hideo Kojima's dutch wooden shoe making skills, i've got no idea what the bugfixes are, but grab it anyway

MSX party in Finland 02-04 of August

by anonymous on 15-05-2002, 17:30
Topic: Events

There is going to be the biggest MSX party in Finland for years. We expect many visitors since it will be held near the big global computer party called Assembly. There are going to be also few new MSX software releases!

Relevant link

Winamp MSXplug v0.22RC1

by Latok on 15-05-2002, 17:00
Topic: Music

A new version of the Winamp MSXplug has been released.There have been some small updates. The Flute and Woodbass parameters have been fixed. It is now also possible to play MPK files bigger then 16kB.

Hans Otten site updates

by snout on 12-05-2002, 20:56
Topic: Websites

Hans Otten has put quite some updates to his site online in the past few days.

fMSXSO v1.02d

by Latok on 06-05-2002, 12:27
Topic: Emulation

It's almost impossible to keep up with the updates on this emulator!Today, fMSXSO v1.02d was released. Check their site for info on what's new this time.

MSX WAP page

by Latok on 05-05-2002, 19:32
Topic: Websites

Source: Enribar's MSX PAGE

The Italian MSX user Enrico Barbisan has created a WAP page, dedicated to our beloved MSX system.As far as we know, this is the first WAP page which is 100% MSX related.The url of the page is: course, the page can be best viewed on your G

MSX in Dutch OPM2

by Latok on 05-05-2002, 15:41
Topic: MSX Related

In the May 2002 issue of the Dutch Official Playstation 2 Magazine, there is a nice feature on MSX games and Konami MSX games in particular.In the retro section, especially F1 Spirit gets quite some attention. The game appears to be one of the best games the editor has ever played.

Guru Logic V2

by Latok on 01-05-2002, 22:32
Topic: Software

Of course you're all playing this nice TeddyWareZ production which was released at this years Tilburg fair.For all of you, there is great news!

XXI Salon del MSX

by Latok on 01-05-2002, 18:42
Topic: Events

On the 5th of may 2002, AAM (Asociación de Amigos del MSX) is going to organize another great MSX meeting in Barcelona, Spain.The meeting will start at 10:00h and ends at 17:00h. The entrance fee is 3 euros.Barcelona is a nice city, so if you're in the neighbourhood you should visit the meeting.

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