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MSX meetings this weekend

by snout on 06-09-2005, 18:27
Topic: Events

This weekend, no less than 5 different MSX user meetings are to be held, four of which are situated in the Netherlands. As a reminder, here is an overview.

On Friday (September 9th), HCV de Amsterdammer hold their bimonthly user meeting in Gebouw 'Don Bosco', James Wattstraat 56, Amsterdam Oost.

Amusement Center have re-released the MSX1 adventure game Morico threat incident in Project EGG. The game was originally released by Software Studio WING in 1985.

MSX Info Update 2005 - Photoshoot

by snout on 06-09-2005, 01:03
Topic: Photo shoots

On August 27th, the MSX Info Update meeting was held in Helsinki, Finland. A few days ago a photoshoot of the meeting was published.

Oneliner Challenge 13 - Thin Dizzy

by snout on 06-09-2005, 00:43
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

Nyyrikki sent us the thirteenth entry to the MRC Oneliner Challenge.

PSG.MOE website opened

by snout on 06-09-2005, 00:23
Topic: Websites

On July 11th, Daria, DRM and Hackurl all released a song called Mushihimesama: To Shinjugamori.

Oneliner Challenge 12 - Time4MSX

by Bart on 05-09-2005, 23:50
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

Eli-Jean Leyssens sent us the twelfth entry to the MRC Oneliner Challenge. His entry, Time4MSX emulates the MSX2 bootscreen and displays a digital clock above it.

fMSX/S60 1.08

by Latok on 05-09-2005, 21:59
Topic: Emulation

JR has just released a new version of the fMSX emulator for Series 60 mobile phones, running Symbian OS.

Generation-MSX update

by Bart on 05-09-2005, 16:18
Topic: Websites

Generation-MSX is undergoing quite some changes recently and as of today it is possible, for Generation-MSX members, to edit the information on a software title. This feature will hopefully lead to more detailed and occurate information on the software titles in the Generation-MSX database.

Generation-MSX updates

by Bart on 04-09-2005, 21:58
Topic: Websites

Generation-MSX was updated last week with German magazines and books like MSX revue, MSX Contakt, The MSX Book and some others.

Karoshi Corporation forum moved

by POISONIC on 04-09-2005, 15:01
Topic: Websites

The discussion forum of the active MSX1 group Karoshi Corporation moved to a new location as the previous location did not support non-english websites. The forum offers a platform in both English and Spanish languages. Discussion is mainly focused on MSX development.

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