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GSB-V2 for EV4 slotexpander

by anonymous on 01-03-2002, 19:18
Topic: Hardware

A new version of the GSB (Generador de Slots Advanced type B) for the EV4 slotexpander is now available. The EV4 is a special slotexpander that also can expand slot #0 and #3. On top of that the EV4 supports mapped SRAM. The GSB is the slot signals generator card for the EV4. The first versions of the EV4 and GSB were sold about 2 years ago.

Source: MSX mailinglist

Adriano Camargo Rodrigues da Cunha reported on the MSX Mailinglist that Eric Boon and Manuel Bilderbeek made a new script to compile UZIX programs under Linux.It is now possible to use subdirectories when compiling programs with this script. As most of you probably know, UZIX is the UNIX-port for MSX. back online

by Latok on 01-03-2002, 01:49
Topic: Websites

Finally, the illustrous is back!The content of the site has changed though. The games database, for which the site was very popular, isn't online anymore.The new is aiming mainly on MSX emulators. There are almost 50 MSX emulators available for download. Check it out!

MSXPLAYer announced

by snout on 28-02-2002, 00:13
Topic: MSX Revival

Source: Ikeda's MSX Print (27-02-2002)

Kuniji Ikeda also announced that the MSX Association (founded by Kazuhiko Nishi after he quit ASCII) will release the MSXPLAYer for Windows and Windows CE on April 15th, 2002.

4MB memory mapper for 6000 yen!

by snout on 28-02-2002, 00:08
Topic: Hardware

Source: Ikeda's MSX Print (27-02-2002)

In Ikeda's News Print, Kuniji Ikeda let us know that the Terra Network System stopped producing their 4MB Addram memory mappers. Fortunately there are still some mappers in stock. This could be your last chance to get a cheap memory mapper. The price will be 6000 yen, about € 51,- If you want one, just mail Ikeda

Source: MSX Mailinglist and MSX Newsgroup (comp.sys.msx)

In a previous posting, we mentioned the Konami auction at this years Tilburg MSX fair.Thanks to Saku Taipale, the auction will include an original Konami A1 Spirit with steering wheel.A1 Spirit is a special version of F1 Spirit and was sold together with this steering wheel.For Konami collectors, this is an absolute masterpiece

Italian MSX user-meeting

by snout on 26-02-2002, 14:50
Topic: Events

Source: MSX newsgroup (comp.sys.msx)

On Sunday, March 3, 2002 "Bre(M)S(X)cia 2002" will be held in Brescia, Italy. During the meeting, there will be demostrations of software and hardware from several developers, like Matra, Imanok and Team Bomba. There will be some trading as well.

fMSX 2.6 released

by snout on 26-02-2002, 14:26
Topic: Emulation

Source: fMSX website

Marat Fayzullin has released version 2.6 of the mother of all MSX emulators: fMSX emulator. There are now seven different versions of this emulator for several (operating) systems.

Randar III English

by snout on 25-02-2002, 11:28
Topic: Translations

I just read some more translation news @ Generation MSX.Over there you can view the first screenshots of Randar III English. What makes this translation so special is that the translator made a new intro-screen and a new font.

Portuguese translation projects

by snout on 23-02-2002, 22:23
Topic: Translations

We already reported about the first version of Snatcher Portuguese. In the mean time a new alpha-version of this translation has been released and can be downloaded here.

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