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Some people, which were on the Tilburg fair, last month, were very interested in the new MSX Web; MSX World .I’ve handed out some adverts, which confirm that the url should be Due technical problems, this domain name cannot yet be registred.

Uzix 0.1.8

by snout on 08-05-2001, 08:46
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

After a long time without public releases, there is a new version.Many bugfixes and improvements were made, but I would like to enumerate just three (the complete list can be found at UZIX webpage):

  • Harddisk support;
  • UZLO bootloader;
  • Instalation program;

Yes, now you can install UZIX on your harddisk, you can use UZIX in your harddisk, and you can select wh

MAGIC MWM Replayer 1.2

by msd on 06-05-2001, 23:36
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

MAGIC MWM Replayer 1.2 is released. New features are: Mouse control and User definable for more info

MEPonCD temporarely available

by tfh on 06-05-2001, 15:49
Topic: Software

Due to a large amounts of requests, the MEPonCD will be available again for a short time. What will you find on this CD

  • Over 3000 programs
  • Lot’s of MSX Games music (In .MP3, MIDI, XM, etc...)
  • The complete MEP in HTML files (including the MySQL database)

As you can see, the .html files are on the CD as well.

fMSXFAN 1.45 for Windows

by Hans Peeters on 06-05-2001, 09:11
Topic: Emulation

fMSXFAN 1.45 for Windows was released on the 3rd of may. Some features of this emulator:

  • MSX DOS2
  • Graphical interface
  • Screens 10,11,12.

ParaMSX 0.32

by Bart on 03-05-2001, 18:02
Topic: Emulation

A new release of paraMSX is available. This emulator has great SCC and FMPAC emulation, is fast and has a good interface too. In one word: check it out!What's new ?

  • Improved All Sound Emulation.
  • Added Tape Rewind Command.

MBWave 1.15 and Magic 1.0

by msd on 27-04-2001, 15:05
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Download mbwave 1.15 and Magic 1.0 at

Den Yu Land 2001

by snout on 27-04-2001, 12:23
Topic: Events is the new Japanese homepage dedicated to Den Yu Land 2001.

Arab MSX is a new club to historita the MSX world in the arab countries which was through three companies (sakhr, Methali and al-warkaa) and more than 20 MSX arabic machines was in the market .... to know more visit in 20th july 2001

Previous poll results

by Bart on 25-04-2001, 10:18
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

We’ve got a new poll online. Be sure to let us (and all other MSX fans) know what you think of the new plans of Nishi. The results of the previous poll are:"How often do you visit" 77% of the people voted visits us at least once a month. 23% claimes they just bumped into this site and visit us once a year or less.

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