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MSX CG exhibition

by snout on 10-07-2002, 08:43
Topic: MSX Related

Source: Gigamix online

Mr. S. Tarina, a frequent contributor to the MSX-FAN's CG contest has put a large collection of graphics drawn on MSX online. His gallery is certainly worth having a look at.

fMSXCE 0.05

by snout on 10-07-2002, 08:31
Topic: Emulation

Source: MSX Files

I just read on the MSX files that a new version of fMSXCE is available. fMSXCE is a Windows CE port of fMSX, making it possible to run MSX games on your PDA/future mobile phone/... In this new release, the Pocket PostPet Binary was added.

NLMSX 0.42

by BiFi on 09-07-2002, 16:34
Topic: Emulation

NLMSX 0.42 has been released.

Source: GuyverR800

Kohina is an Internet Radio Station.Info from their webpage:

  • old school 8-bit and 16-bit game and
  • demo music
  • mp3 radio
  • broadcasting c64, amiga, atari xl/xe/st, msx, console and arcade tracks
  • the classic and the new generation of c64 tunes with real sid sounds.

Check it out at: www.k

Internestor beta 5

by anonymous on 07-07-2002, 16:24
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Source: MSX Mailinglist

Néstor Soriano strikes again with a new beta of his Internet suite for MSX-DOS2. This time the new features and updates are:

  • Even more improved TCP module.

ASCII book on MSXPLAYer?

by snout on 07-07-2002, 12:42
Topic: MSX Revival

Source: Gigamix online

In the diary of Gigamix's NfBan I read a message stating that ASCII might publish a book on the MSXPLAYer, scheduled to be released this autumn.

3 years of MSXFiles

by snout on 07-07-2002, 12:28
Topic: Websites

The MSX Resource center would like to congratulate Slotman. He has been maintaining his website 'MSX Files' for three years now. In those years the site grew from a nice rare-games site to a site also containing the latest MSX news in English and Portuguese. Keep up the good job, Slotman!

Snatcher Translation projects

by snout on 07-07-2002, 12:02
Topic: Translations

It's been quite a while since we heard of the Snatcher translation project. Today, the following messages were posted on the MSX Mailinglist. First one is by Daniel Caetano about the Portuguese translation:

There is a new release of Snatcher in Portuguese on the Website.

MSX Turbo-R A1-GT

by MSX Resource Center on 03-07-2002, 23:41
Topic: Hardware


Have you always wanted to check out the inside of this fabulous machine, but never had the guts to try?

More unknown MSX games

by Latok on 03-07-2002, 22:03
Topic: Software

A few days ago, we mentioned a site with a nice collection of rather unknown MSX games.Browsing the internet made me discover the Studio Sequence webpage. This company is developing or has developed Windows9x/MS-DOS and MSX games!! They've put a rather large collection of MSX games online.The games are mostly MSX turbo R only and especially Mechanical Brain deserves to be downloaded and played.

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