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ParaMSX 0.32

by Bart on 03-05-2001, 18:02
Topic: Emulation

A new release of paraMSX is available. This emulator has great SCC and FMPAC emulation, is fast and has a good interface too. In one word: check it out!What's new ?

  • Improved All Sound Emulation.
  • Added Tape Rewind Command.

MBWave 1.15 and Magic 1.0

by msd on 27-04-2001, 15:05
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Download mbwave 1.15 and Magic 1.0 at

Den Yu Land 2001

by snout on 27-04-2001, 12:23
Topic: Events is the new Japanese homepage dedicated to Den Yu Land 2001.

Arab MSX is a new club to historita the MSX world in the arab countries which was through three companies (sakhr, Methali and al-warkaa) and more than 20 MSX arabic machines was in the market .... to know more visit in 20th july 2001

Previous poll results

by Bart on 25-04-2001, 10:18
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

We’ve got a new poll online. Be sure to let us (and all other MSX fans) know what you think of the new plans of Nishi. The results of the previous poll are:"How often do you visit" 77% of the people voted visits us at least once a month. 23% claimes they just bumped into this site and visit us once a year or less.

Information on the new MSX

by snout on 24-04-2001, 22:08
Topic: MSX Revival

At you can look at the specifications of the ARM9 processor family.At you will find a lot of information on Intent.If you want to know more about FPGA technology, h

Pictures of Tilburg 2001

by Bart on 24-04-2001, 20:25
Topic: Websites

Some people took pictures at the fair in Tilburg this year.Check them out!

Stephan Szarafinski -
Pedro Giebels -

Great pictures guys!

Audio recording of Nishi’s lecture

by Bart on 23-04-2001, 15:42
Topic: MSX Revival

Pierre Gielen made an audio recording of dr. Nishi’s lecture. The MP3 file of this recording can be found here: Click to download Nishi’s speech.

Happy listening! :)


by Bart on 23-04-2001, 09:48
Topic: MRC

Due to a server error yesterday all asp processing on the server could not be done for 24hours. As this site is 90% script, we had to put it offline. We're back up, as you can see, so surf on! Smile

Report of Nishi’’s lecture

by Bart on 22-04-2001, 00:22
Topic: MSX Revival

Back from Tilburg! We just put the complete report of Nishi’s lecture online! It is almost everything Nishi said and is much fun to read!

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