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First Tilburg photoshoots online

by snout on 21-04-2002, 12:49
Topic: Photo shoots

While we @ are still a little tired of the fair and just started working on a Tilburg 2002 report (including lots of pictures), other visitors already put the pictures they took on the fair online.

Come to Tilburg!

by snout on 20-04-2002, 09:00
Topic: Events

This post is here to remind you all to come to Tilburg this Saturday. We reported a lot about the things that will be happining at the fair already.

MSX Tape! web

by anonymous on 19-04-2002, 00:54
Topic: Websites

MSX Tape! is a new spanish web with some games in wav format directly to play in MSX with tape connector. You can visit it at

Poll #15 results

by Bart on 18-04-2002, 02:32
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

Source: The MSX Resource CenterThe poll results are counted!

Tilburg 2002 - MRC Booklet

by snout on 18-04-2002, 00:08
Topic: MRC

Two more days to go and then the 15th international MSX fair in Tilburg will start again. We have made a 16 page booklet filled with information on what is happening at the MSX Resource Center stand in Tilburg.

openMSX - a new MSX emulator

by snout on 17-04-2002, 11:00
Topic: Emulation

Source: David Heremans

Last couple of months, several people have been working on a brand new MSX emulator, called openMSX. It has been build from scratch, based on some new concepts regarding communication and synchronisation between the various processors in the MSX.

LPA-PCA-V1 Video Kit for MSX

by Leonardo Padial on 14-04-2002, 17:48
Topic: Hardware

(edited newspost)Leonardo Padial informed us about his new LPA-PVA-V1 Video Kit for MSX. This new video processor emulates the V9938, the V9958 and the V9990 (aka GFX9000), but it can do more. With a VGA-output it can reach a 800x600 resolution at 16 bits-color mode.

Newsletter #2

by snout on 14-04-2002, 13:10
Topic: MRC

Yesterday we sent our second newsletter to all members of the MSX Resource Center mailinglist. Please join us if you want to receive the newsletter as well. Sometimes, this newsletter will contain information that is not on our site (yet), or more information than in our original newsposts. Again a very good reason to sign up NOW!

Tilburg 2002

by snout on 14-04-2002, 13:00
Topic: Events

Source: MSX Resource Center Newsletter #2

April 20th, 2002. Time for another edition of the international MSX Fair organized by the CGV. Again, the fair will be held in...

Wijkcentrum de Schans
De Schans 123
Tilburg Noord

Of course, the MSX Resource Center will be there. And as usual, we're trying to do something special.


by Latok on 14-04-2002, 09:40
Topic: MSX Related

Ok, I'll give it a try. As soon as I get flamed by fellow members or other MSX freaks out there, I'll delete this posting, but... Get a grip and please take a look at this project. I post it here because maybe we can have some benefit from it as well.

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