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Italo challenge - results

by Sama on 25-07-2007, 15:41
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

On September 12, 2006, we started the Italo challenge - a challenge in which you were invited to create genuine Italo music on your (emulated) MSX, using your preferred MSX soundchip.

The XtalSoft game Crimson III was just added to the Project Egg catalogue.

Dumas - Production Delayed

by Sonic_aka_T on 24-07-2007, 20:39
Topic: Hardware

Some sad news was to be found on Konamiman's MSX Page some time ago. It seems that the production of Dumas, the internet-age multi-purpose-MSX-cart, is postponed for an unspecified period of time. While the small news post doesn't give much information, it does suggest things are not looking too good.

Last weekend the biggest computer-related event in the Basque Country, the 15th Euskal Encounter, was being held. Inside the fair, there was a retro zone called Retro Euskal, where many conferences about old systems and their developments were given.

MSX Info Update 2007

by NYYRIKKI on 19-07-2007, 23:05
Topic: Events

If you happen to be in the neighborhood of Helsinki on September the 15th 2007, you'll be pleased to know that the fourth edition of MSX Info Update will be held in this capital of Finland.

Due to personal circumstances, MSX Club Groningen have canceled the meeting that was planned to be held this Sunday, July 15th.
At this moment it is not known when the next meeting of MSX Club Groningen will be held. reports it has a new section dedicated to MSX magazines. In this area of the website it's possible to view articles from Spanish MSX magazines such as MSX-Club, MSX-Extra, Input MSX and MSX Magazine (Spain).

Spanish developer Imanok has updated (and restyled) his site on which you can now download all his games, of which some are improved versions, for free!

MSXart '07 update

by msxgamesbox on 04-07-2007, 22:34
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

Already two entries have been submitted to the MSXart'07 challenge, a graphical contest on the MSX theme running for the 5th year.

MAP updated with JoyNet documentation

by snout on 01-07-2007, 00:36
Topic: Websites

Grauw has updated the MAP (MSX Assembly Page) with documentation on JoyNet. JoyNet allows MSX computers to connect via their Joystick ports. Previously this information was available on his personal website only.

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