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by Bart on 05-09-2000, 15:26
Topic: Events

Because the Bussum fair will be held within 2 weeks from this posting‘s date, here‘s a reminder for all of you.This year the Bussum fair will again be held, and the MSX Marathon will also get a successor.Some info:

  • 16 & 17 september 2000
  • 10:00 till 17:00 (marathon is 24h)
  • 12th MSX ComputerDay
  • 2nd MSX Marathon

Grauw has opened the webpage agai

MSX and Internet, Why not

by anonymous on 05-09-2000, 02:40
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Now with a MSX + RS-232 + Modem we can access the internet with Uzix Operating System that supports PPP connections, has a very good TCP/IP stack and programs like Telnet and FTP. It‘s Unix like, but looking as Linux distribution :-> Rafael Diniz Brazi

ParaMSX v0.18

by mars2000you on 31-08-2000, 19:55
Topic: Emulation

Version 0.18 of paraMSX is released New in this version :

  • Korean MSX‘s memory layout support.
  • Interlaced & Even/Odd display support. (e.g. SCREEN9 of Korean MSX2)
  • NTSC/PAL support.
  • Changed Interrupt handling.
  • Improved FM sound & balance.
  • Screen shot support for 16bit color mode.

Z380 Architecture

by Sander on 30-08-2000, 00:39
Topic: Hardware

At last I finished the complete design of the System Architecture for the LPE-Z380 for MSX. The design includes mixed HW 50% and SW 50% for each particular interface. When the user wants to have MSX interfaces he loads the MSX patch to specific card. For Example: for Video card he load the V38 patch when he wants to have video V9938.

News responds

by Bart on 28-08-2000, 19:16
Topic: MRC

Hi all!As of today it is possible to respond to any news posting. Just click the link below the news posting and you‘ll see the reactions and a link to react yourself.Have fun!

Site layout

by Sander on 23-08-2000, 11:23
Topic: MRC

As you may have noticed we are busy with a few minor updates to We hope you will like it even better this way! And please keep sending us your comments! We have noticed that some people made double entries in our member database. Please inform us if you made a mistake or if your account isn`t working.

Den-yu Land

by Bart on 23-08-2000, 11:16
Topic: Events

Denyu Land is over and you can read various reports about the fair wich was held in Japan.


by Grauw on 21-08-2000, 19:55
Topic: MRC

Whoops... Sorry sorry sorry... I have accidentally deleted‘s database... I have put a backup from yesterday evening online, but if you have submitted anything to between yesterday evening (sunday 20-8) and this evening (monday 21-8) then please re-submit it. Sorry for the inconvinience. ~Grauw


by Sander on 18-08-2000, 10:31
Topic: Websites

Stefan Walgenbach from has given me permission to use his MSX homecomputer photo`s so that I can make a page with my own collection of MSX stuff. He has a great site -and collection[*]so be sure to visit his page! Thanks Stefan!


by snout on 16-08-2000, 09:38
Topic: MSX Revival

Source: Kuniji Ikeda‘s MSX Print

20th august 2000, MSX DENYU Land will be held. At 10.30 there will be a lecture meeting of Kazuhiko Nishi, the co-president of ASCII Corp. and the founder of the MSX System. At 17.00 Ryouzou Yamashita, the brain behind the MSX hardware, and head of ASCII Corporation (create section of new media technology) will lecture.

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