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MSX Fair Tilburg 2001

by Bart on 18-03-2001, 15:51
Topic: Events

And again the CGV Tilburg organizes a MSX Fair! This MSX Fair is the largest of the Netherlands and you should be there!

Xenonsoft updated!

by MSX Resource Center on 12-03-2001, 12:38
Topic: Websites

Xenon, the Xenon Soft webmaster told us that the MSX page "Xenon Soft. S.I." ( has been updated.Want your site updates to be posted on too? Just register as a member and post the news!

RuMSX 0.23

by Bart on 09-03-2001, 23:57
Topic: Emulation

Rudolf Lechleitner released RuMSX v0.23. This MSX1/2/2+/Turbo R emulator is one of the best around.

MadriSX 2001

by Bart on 09-03-2001, 23:40
Topic: Events

Rafael (MSX Power Replay) announced:Hi Friends,At 10 March MadriSX´2001 will go on for the eight time!!!We hope to receive a lot of visitors, we will inform you about it.

MuPlay 2.61 under GPL

by Bart on 09-03-2001, 23:37
Topic: Development

Sander Zuidema announced the following:Hello,At you can download MuPlay 2.61.The source is releasend under GPL public license and is included in the .LZH


by Bart on 09-03-2001, 23:35
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Adriano Camargo Rodrigues da Cunha (wow, what a name! Smile would like to announce that ExecROM source code has been released under GPLlicense.ExecROM is a ROM/MegaROM loader utility with many features, targeted to the brazilian MegaRAM cartridge.You can download ExecROM source code from:

Goemon site

by Sander on 07-03-2001, 22:34
Topic: Websites

I stumbled upon a very nice Goemon site.Lot's of info about all Goemon games made by Konami.

Check it out at

Get famous!

by snout on 03-03-2001, 00:29
Topic: MSX Related

A bit off-topic, but very cool.As you all now, Konami is working on Metal Gear Solid 2. You kan sign op on their website (Konami MGS 2) and enter your name and some personal data. They will use it in the game!

NLMSX 0.34

by Bart on 22-02-2001, 22:46
Topic: Emulation

New in NLMSX v0.34:

  • Added performance enhanced version of the EMU2413 made by Mitsutaka Okazaki.
  • Some enhancements regarding the VDP interrupt system.
  • Solved a crash that occurred when the sound had been disabled.

For more information and for downloading NLMSX, visit:

Snatcher Translation

by d-fader on 21-02-2001, 08:29
Topic: Translations

Everyone knows Snatcher isn’t translated to english and everyone also knowsthe job NEEDS to be done...Now a new page is set up dedicated to the translation of snatcher... Soplease help by visiting it and posting your ideas... Help the discussingthat will eventually lead to the translation of this great game...!

Snatcher Translation

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