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News from the Front!

by Bart on 20-06-2000, 13:41
Topic: MRC

First of all: as you can see in the posting by TFH, something went wrong with the links. You can click them though. We'll fix that soon! Second: we are very proud to annouce that we went over one hundred (!) members! Who said MSX wouldn't survive? Thanx all!

MSX Print - First Part

by Sander on 09-06-2000, 20:53
Topic: MSX Revival

Ikeda's MSX PRINT- 5th June 2000

Since I received questions about the new MSX, I will hereby write myanswer.The representative of the Japanese MSX-group Frontline, mister Yokoi, hasalready obtained ASCII's permission for the development of a new MSX.But, the problem is the VDP. It's that the copyrights of the VDP are held by Yamaha.

MSX Print - Second Part

by Sander on 09-06-2000, 20:51
Topic: MSX Revival

We have also visited the MSX fair held in Tilburg, The Netherlands, this year. Actually we had hoped to be able to present the information concerning this project at the Tilburg fair, but unfortunately we didn'treally have the opportunity to do so. Japanese MSX fairs are huge meetingplaces where all the MSX groups gather, but at the Tilburg fair, all the MSX groups were divided in several rooms.

MSX Print - Last Part

by Sander on 09-06-2000, 20:50
Topic: MSX Revival

In earlier days, a company named Sharp developed a great computer called X68000 in Japan, but Sharp has unfortunately stopped the production andsale of this X68000. But, thanks to the firmly rooted X68000 users, the X68000's BIOS and OS have become free. Therefore, it has become possible to freely distribute this BIOS, OS and the like via Internet.

Game Music

by Sander on 08-06-2000, 16:17
Topic: Websites

We have found a great new site! Go to for great VGM remixes! Gradius and Contra remixes are also available. Enjoy!

YS2 eternal

by snout on 04-06-2000, 17:56
Topic: MSX Related

Who does not remember the great YS series for MSX? About 2 years ago, Falcom released YS Eternal, the PC version of YS1. The same game, but much better graphics. Now, the time has come for YS2 eternal. On the falcom website, you can download a very impressive AVI. The game comes with a book and a DVD-video!

New MP3 file

by Bart on 04-06-2000, 11:54
Topic: Music

We have added a new mp3 file to the database: Hydlide out of freedom. This file can be downloaded from the music files section. Thanks to Grauw, he is now hosting most of our mp3 files!

Konami MP3 files

by Sander on 30-05-2000, 22:00
Topic: Music

After a lot of tweaking, we are proud to present some mp3 files we have made from MIDI files of Mr. Higuchi. You can find some nemesis2 (gradius2), Space Manbow and F1 Spirit in the Music Files section. Believe us, they sound better than the VSC-88 can produce! Enjoy!

Gradius IV

by Sander on 30-05-2000, 21:03
Topic: MSX Related

Konami released Gradius IV for the Sony Playstation in April.

Mailing List

by Bart on 29-05-2000, 22:52
Topic: MRC

Since of today has its own mailinglist! You can join this list by editing your details and select -Yes- at the mailinglist question. If you are not a member yet, join us right now and become a member of the mailinglist too, all in once!

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